Jimmy Carter No Friend To Jews


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                  Jimmy Carter is a card carrying Anti Semite.. He is no different than his brother Billy but in a 3 peice suit. His humanity doesn’t exstend to Jewish people as his anti Jewish rhetoric never stops . Even after an Israeli drug saved his life and put his terminal brain cancer in remission his anti Jewish diatribe continues unabated.. Usually when someone getting on on years they bury the hatchet on any old hatred that they may have had in their heart.. But not him… That alone speaks volumes as to his true character. He is not deserving of any praise or acalades . He proports to be a religious man, However we  at The Lerman report Report .Com believe that is the furthest thing from truth.     When he occupied the White House then Isreali defense Minister  Moshe Dyan wrote in his autobiography that at his Oval Office meeting with President Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale that Mondale  slaped him across the face. Though we will stress that this  incident remains to be alleged if true that would be unheard of for a sitting Vice President to stoop to something so low.. Slapping someone across the face was something you’d expect someone like  Moe of the The Stooges to do to Larry or or Curly…but  for a sitting VP resort to  such  behavior if true would be beyond unbelievable  That  alleged incident lost Mondale the Vote from the vast Jewish voting block when he ran for POTUS.  We have prepared some links on this topic .please read below…Related image
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