Bussing Your Own Tables & Pumping Your own Gas

What  McDonalds did was to train the dining out public to bus thier own tables. When this first occured in the late 1960’s I used to leave my tray on the table for an employee to take it away .I don’t work for them nor draw a salary from them I used to say.Just Like a trained circus animal the public soon learned what is exspected of them to do.Not only do we have to bring the food to the tables ourselves but bus as well.

  Then their is the gas stations ,at one time the atttendant used to wash your windows,check your oil, check your tire presure and pump the gas for you..today they do squat.Mr.And Mrs Public now pumps their own gas.The Air Pumps at one time had bells stop ringing when the correct amount of dialed tire presure was achieved today it a a guessing game unlees you  carry a tire gage.The gas stations do nothing anymore.You and I do not draw asalary from them either.In N.Y. State there is a little known law in that if you are a Senior Citizen or Diabled then the Gas Station must pum for you if you unable to do it yourself..fat chance,the attendant plays possum when you ring for them.

  I’m a creature of habit,I  remember White Castle Hamburgers had a car hop dressed in a bell hop style blue uniform they would come to your car..you’d roll down the window half way and they had a speacial tray that fit onto your window and you would eat in your car.When they stopped bell hop sevice for years I would  still eat the white Castles  in my car.It took years untill I dinned inside the  resturnant.Not to long ago the Supermarkets had everone bag their own groceries..that I always refused to do.

 What I’m trying to convay is the public is a bunch of Shmucks to let this happenThe public should have refused all this less service years ago..To Late now..Sorry



After Careful Thought.. I will Sit Out The Presidential Election

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trump-crude-remarkImage result for animated updated sign After careful Thought I will Sit Out The Presidential Election .When I see that Trump  Sent out a Tweet wih a Star of  David On a negative Tweet concerning  Hillary, I can no longer in good concsience support him any longer..I keep asking myself maybe it was a sherrifs Star or perhaps some aid was handling his tweets and he wasnt on top of it , But as of right  now I’m done with him. I know His daughter Converted to Judaism and his grandson is Jewish ..No excuse,I let  a lot of  things go…the wall with Mexico ,the imitation of the reporter with a handycap,the prisonersof war  remark,the remark on veterans  returning with PST,but his latest   crude remark caught  on tape from 5 years  ago was the straw that broke the camels  back.

   I’m no fan of Hillay Clinton , I will no longer voter on the Democratic party line..I feel that they reek of Anti Semitism by their past and present actions Whats sad is that neither the left or the right is courting the once saught Jewish Vote as they once did in the past .The Jewish voting block of old has shrunk due to intertermariage and  the younger Jews who Don’t grasp the  old Jewish  way of thinking concerning Politics,and have some liberal ideals that aren’t in concert with supporting Jews and Isreal… Unless Trump makes some sort of Mia culpa about  these crude remarks that  he was caught on a tape by Billy Bush  and find it  exceptableexceptable  & satisfactory  Iwont support him and will sit out  the  election ..Don Lerman

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