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  •   Due to other commitments we are considering putting The Lerman Report up for sale..The Lerman Report is a well established Blog with a considerable National and International following.

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  • All offers must start at $200,000
The sale of The Lerman Report Com can include buying the site out right.Which may or can include the name Lerman and Mr.Lerman’s personal  image.It can also be renamed or a notice perhaps put that it sites name may change or be called The Lerman –  Smith Report and  a notice that in 6 months the name Lerman will be dropped and will just be called the Smith Report.Catorgories may be eliminated or the totally scraped.
The site itself once bought the  current theme may be changed with pre purchase approval or be permanently shelved.
A written  pledge will  include  a promise that either Mr.Lerman  or any one associated  with Mr.Lerman will not ever  open another blog after the sale of The Lerman Report.Com .This will also include closing down of any social media sites that Mr.Lerman is posting publicly.
 Mr.Lerman  further pledges that he or his associates will also cease  all  publishing and stop any and all updating including any Commentary  or Editorials with the sole exception of any contest that Mr.Lerman was either in or in which Mr.Lerman was a Judge or made some sort of celebrity appearance .Any pictures associated  with those actual contest or results of any contests will  once again be the sole extent of any publishing on DonMosesLerman.Com
Make all inquiries and Contact us Through this site..
Any and all legal fees associated with the sale will be the sole responsibility and concurred by buyer.

Any And All Immigration To The U.S. Right Into The Army


  Let Us   Do not pass go..Do not collect $200… The very moment you step upon our shore right Into in The Army you Go!   Any And All Immigration into The U.S.Must Serve a Hitch In the Army.  No and’s if’s or But’s about it . Right now at this Juncture in Time Uncle Sam is Spreading itself pretty thin at any many Hot Spots around The World.. As of today  Our Serviceman are basically going from one tour to another with very little time between tours. This is  running the Military Personnel Rigid. Lets face Reality You can not win War Without Boots  On The Ground. Our Enlistment numbers are lowest now than they have been since Pre WWI Times.
animated-update-image-0024  We’ll ask Every Immigrant  arriving to our shores..You like America?  Do You want to make America Your Permanent Home?   Then Hold up Your Hand and take the oath that ever Soldier..Sailor..Airman and Marine does all The time..Just passing a written test means Zilch. Suit up  For 6 Years.  Want a Green Card? Then  Serve a Hitch in Our Army. You want to enjoy our great way of life in The U.S.?  Then show your appreciation to Uncle Sam by giving back and  Serving in Any of Our  Branches in Armed Forces.  We’ll close up all the loop holes making certain that if you’re not in good shape or have some  sort of minor Physical handicap you’ll still be eligible to enter the  military, ..Keep in mind anyone can pick up a Broom or a Frying Pan. I also presume that there are many people out there that can Type or Sew. That’s good  because all these non-combatant military Jobs will free a Stronger more able-bodied Solider to advance to the front lines. This is the best solution concerning our current  immigration situation.

Bottom line if you live in America than do something productive. Change Your Jogging  Suit for a Khaki one..Click on Links Below….


What Is Active Duty in the Arm


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how many tours of duty can a soldier dor


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Mangano Just The Tip Of The Iceberg In Nassau GOP..This Ships Going Down


                                  HARENDRA SINGH                                                      ED MANGANO

When we watch T.V and read the various news feeds concerning Ed Manganos alleged lack of a better word) ” Shakedown”of Harendra Singh who turned state witness who apparently shelled out plenty to Mangano and company.
Mind you that  Harendra Singh is just one A cog in the wheel among thousands of  other Businessmen and Businesses in Nassau County who apparently have play ball with The Republican Elected Officials in Nassau county if they wanted to get something done.. Put up or Shut up..No show Jobs ..Six figure Jobs given to Crony’s’ and Relative’s are what our Republican  and relative’s are what Nassau County Government has succumb to the Republican Party in Nassau County which many consider to be an Old Boys Club.
 Right now the Federal Attorney should prosecute Mangano  along with every other Republican who profited from the County trough with the same Vim and Vigor no different from anyone else.They Lined  their pockets and filled their war Chest with our hard-earned  Tax Dollars for ..Now its time reel them in and have them  pay the piper..

 We are also at a loss as to why the N.Y. State Fiscal Review Board knew nothing from this all along. Weren’t they just a bit suspicious with all the patronage jobs and overpriced supply contracts and such ? After all the Governor put them there to keep an eye on the financial string in Nassau  County. They were intended to act as watch dogs and protectors  of our money.  Why did they play Putzavta (Feigning Stupidity) all along. If they actually knew anything and didn’t say anything then they are as guilty as Mangano.  You Know What?  They had to know ..after all they knew of every penny in Nassau’s Coffers ..If proven true than they were complacent and part and partial of the problem but never the solution and they will face the same fate as Mangano.

Homeowners  Taxes  are so high  in Nassau County from this bullshit ..no-show jobs ..patronage appointees . contract giveaways..You name it the Taxpayer are footing Taxpayer in Nassau County. Your going to see an Exodus from the Island the likes the World has not witnessed for 3,500 years ago since Moses led the Israelite’s out of Egypt. Now the new incoming Administration Under Democrat  Laura Curran is poised to assess every homeowners property..also don’t be bit surprised if those infamous speed cameras rears their Ugly Head once more as well.
Singh details perks at Mangano’s corruption trial | NewsdayImage result for hand pointing picture


Edward Mangano took $17,007 pay raise | NewsdayImage result for hand pointing picture
New Nassau County Executive Laura Curran … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano faces bribery charges | New …Image result for hand pointing picture

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IHOP Dejudaising Challah French Toast?

Everyone who ever  dinned out knows that thick cut french toast is made from Jewish egg bread”Challah”.Now Ihop comes along and it almost seems that they are deliberately advertising it as Brioche (French Egg Bread) which is basically not sold in the U.S. however Challah is. It almost appears that was done deliberately in order to avoid the name Challah and thus anything remotely related to a Jewish food or product name.

Challah and brioche, while similar, are not the same bread at all. The most important difference has to do with the fact that challah is part of Jewish tradition, and is kosher to eat with all meals—so it is not made with dairy, i.e. butter. Brioche, on the other hand, is French, so of course it is made with butter!Jan 7, 2014

A while back the Dunkin Donuts  were advertising ”Artisan Bagels”.We believe that too was  some sort of  an attempt to Dejudaising their Bagels that they were selling.
We say avoid this so-called new named “Brioche French “Toast until they change it to  Challah FRENCH TOAST.
 *Please read link below…




HOP Restaurants Introduce New Brioche French Toast!
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The Lerman Repo9rt Staff

Jews Demand That Egypt Pay Them Reparations For Building The Pyramids

 Jewish leaders have met secretly with many of The World’s Movers and Shakers. Their goals are to have Egypt pay some sort of Reparations to Jews for building the Pyramids 4,5000 years ago a precondition to any Future peace deal.
We want to say this upfront that we  at the Lerman Report have no knowledge whatsoever of either any Israeli or Egyptian Government Officials  agents or their proxy’s being involved  in this in any way shape or form in these negotiations.
This belief that the Hebrew slaves built the Pyramids is a corner-stone (no pun intended) and central belief of The of the Jewish Religion.  It is taken as fact by each &  every stream of Judaism.  Those denying the validity of that belief are busy at work attempting to rewrite what has been widely accepted by both Jews and Christian People along with their Theologians and Sages for Thousands of years .  What we are now witnessing  today is a classic example  history revision  to suit political views.
As we speak we are witnessing a smear campaign against Jews and Israel where every Jewish Tenet concerning The Holiness of either places.. cities or shrines  are coming under review & they are being voted away by hostile Anti Semitic elements at the United Nations.  As we approach this Pesach  (Passover) Jews the world over will not sit back idly and let the worlds Jew haters take away our beliefs and put a Damper on our Holiday.
What is paramount right now is to promote this fact that The Hebrew Slaves toiled in building the Pyramids exactly as it appears in Jewish teachings.
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What Ever Happened To Balsam Hair Conditioner?

Moses Lerman Long Hair    Circa1972


  When I finished my tour in the Marines I decided to grow my hair long.  I went into the service in August of 1967. While I stationed at  Cherry Point North Carolina  I would call home every week-end.. On One particular call home my father asked me if I was growing my hair long?    I replied “No I have a flat top”.He went on to say that I should start letting grow long.
     He continued to say that  everyone back home is doing so..I told him listen  I’m not in the Boy Scouts but the Marines and every Monday we have an inspection. For those who put on a khaki suit  will recall the term we had to get “White Walls”  (high and close hair cut).When I was fully separated I said I’m going “Hippy  & I then proceeded to grow my hair Shoulder Length.
    My hair was unruly .  My father recommended a Hair cutting Establishment for me to go to. When  I left the nuevel Barber Shop  now Renamed  Unisex Stylist” My Hair resembled a WWII German Helmet.  My Hair was Very Thick and Wavy what you might call “A Jew-Fro”.  A friend at work recommended I that buy Balsam  Hair Conditioner…. It”ll tame the mane he said..
   It did..it was a great product.   It was the gold standard of conditioners.  Where did it go to?  Why aren’t they producing it any more..
   Apparently you can buy unused Bottles of Balsam that on-line that have been warehoused over the years . The Shampoo and Hair Care Isle is vast..However none compare to Balsam. Bring Back Balsam!
Today’s Obsession With Shampoo… « The Lerman Report®/
What happened to Flex shampoo? | Reference.co
Where the hell can I buy Revlon Flex Conditioner? /
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Car Leasing Is Keeping America Afloat

    The American economy is 100% Dependant on Oil .Believe it or not Oil runs our economy.  When Gasoline prices rose nearly $5.00 a gallon it nearly crippled the economy.  All prices took a price hike…after all product from your grocer to your favorite haberdasher shelves don’t get there byosmosis but by truckin & trucks Gasoline or Diese Fuel .
Having said all this the Auto Industry is paramount in our society. Years Ago when a car cost  anywhere from $3,000 -12,000 you could save up for a car in a few years.. today its virtually impossible to do that..  Today a car may run you  as much as $30,000 and that basically for the entry-level vehicle not an Infinity ..Lexus or Caddy.   Every year car prices increace. By the time that you sock away money  to purchase a car it cost more & Your money buys less.  Leasing is the only way that he vast majority can not buy a new car.At one time if weren’t a  business they wouldn’t lease to you..not the situation tiday .For a mere down payment you can  lease a car for as little as $170.00 per month.
Having said that the average American no longer has  neither the  salary or bank account with over $30,000 minimum to take out and buy a car.. Without Leasing  the Oil sales disappear and our economy  takes a dive and business’ takes spiral plunge downward…


Lease vs Buy Explained – by LeaseGuide.com
Pros and Cons of Car Leasing – Consumer Reports


Should You Lease or Buy a Car? | Edmunds

The Dumbing Down Of American Taste Buds…

  If nearly all of the restaurants today opened up shop 45 years ago with their recipes and menu that they have today ..They would have been tar and feathered a run out-of-town immediately.  Each generation knows less and less about good home cooking and what a good restaurant supposed to be.


The Old  Pre WWI Era Grandmothers who came here from Europe having no education and knew nothing but cooking baking and knitting no longer exsits. Jewish people used  to refer to them as the Balabusta (The Perfect Housewife).  Each new generation knows less about cooking as they attend school and nothing of  culinary value is passed down to the next generation.


The restaurants are no different. We’ll give you a classic example of what goes on today..A former retail businessman(dry cleaner) goes to a real estate agent looking for another dry cleaner shop to buy.The agent says”How about an Italian  or Jewish restaurant? The man replies back to the real estate agent “Hey I  don”t know how to cook or I never neither tastes or cooked that particular Ethnic Cuisine”.The Agent relies back”You don’t have to know how to cook that style cooking ..The place currently has a good cook”…Yes he draws a big $alary ..Just watch what he does in the kitchen and in 6 months when you are familiar with the recipes then get rid of him & either hire a lower salaried chef or do the cooking yourself .Many take those real estate agents advice..buy the joint & in just  months the place falls apart as he doesn’t know is ass from his elbow in the kitchen…


Bottom line if you don’t know how to cook or never had great familiarization in a particular Ethic Style….then you no business whatsoever owning a  restaurant.
I always see people dinning eating with the Vim and Vigor along with great Gusto. If they would leave their food on the plate uneaten maybe the owner would say “Hey maybe I need either new recipes or a new chief “….but when the customers clean their plates..they are not going to change.


The fast food eateries are worse not only is the menu way over priced but their ware is substandard.The days of great home cooking and fantastic restaurants have sailed way a long time ago. Sad to say the public doesn’t care one bit.
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