Was FDR Pro Nazi All Along And Did He know About Hitlers Final Solution for European Jews

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U.S .Soldiers Lie Dead Upon Invading Normandy Beach In WW11/Fanta on the Beach/ Fanta On The Beach


       Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to an unprecedented four terms as POTUS and in no way was a friend to the  Jewish people . Both FDR, and our Allies during WWII knew all along what Hitler and his third Reich as up to. The railway system that transported Jews and Non Jews to the death camps could have been bombed , but Roosevelt and the allies  didn’t implement that. While thousands of our serviceman’s bodies lay dead on Normandy Beach Roosevelt with a wink and a nod look and looking the other way FDR allowed certain corporations to do business inside Nazi Germany. Coca-Cola as the story is told sold their soda inside Germany all during WWII marketed under the brand name “Fanta” supposedly an embargo on Cokes syrup lead to the formation of ” Fanta,” if you believe that then we have a bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you. This is beyond shameful.
Also It is widely believed that FDR had for known knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and gave 2/3 of the Soldiers Sailors and Marines off base liberty to lessen the casualty count..disgraceful..had this been known back then he would have sat out the War in a jail cell..


Most of the American Jews of that time were poor  illiterate  immigrant  factory workers many who obtained their citizenship through the efforts of local politicians ..In those days before  1930  one of the party faithful is would actually go inside the voting booth with them  and made sure that they pulled the right lever ..Other voters listened to who their union advised them to vote for. .Back at home in WW11 Hollywood continue to tow Uncle Sam’s company line by pumping out movies make light of the Nazi Atrocities with Hitler portrayed in a lite comical vain by showing Charley Chaplin  or The 3 Stooges spoofing Hitler in that manner.

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We Don’t know about you but we at The International Herold are totally outraged by all of this. After FDR’s  death Harry Truman upon taking over the ship of state a scraped a private deal FDR made to the Grand Mufti which basically said that there will be no more Jewish Immagration into then British Palestine and no future Jewish nation.
We ask those people who will never buy a papa John’s because it’s owner is an animal hunter…I then ask them have they ever had drank a bottle of  Coca Cola or Snape’d a picture using Kodak film.They reply back why?
I then clued them in on These despicable corporate Operating with a wink and a nod inside Nazi Germany all during WW11
I continue and tell them it seems that while you a against hunting of animals(which I agree) However the hunting of over 6,000,000 Jews and others passes muster with you & is ok with you. 
Truman scrapped that deal. Truman while he owned his Haberdasher shop  was buisness partners with his friend Edward Jacobson who was Jewish  saw the Anti Semitic ways of FDR and through his efforts the Modern State of Israel was created. Jews all over remain grateful for  Harry Truman

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