Lazio kisses Goodbye Any Jewish Vote in N.Y. Election

              Lazio  by his push against Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy , Thou Not Anti Semitic none the less will not sit well among  Jewish Voters in the state .  Most Jews in N.Y. state are register’s Democrat so Levy ‘s chances  for a primary win  are slim. Lazio can only be a spoiler . in N.Y . without the massive Jewish voting block his  election efforts are doomed ,  Lazio  will win in the primary ,  but most properly but will be handed  a big defeat in the polls  in the General Election for  ruining it for a Jewish Politician among Jewish Voters  it will send Levy to the showers for good , a big mistake  for him to switch party’s  he shoulds have took his chance s against Andrew  Coumo as a democrat .. to Late now

Loss of A Jewish Seat…Writing On The Wall For Stimulus Supporters

Arlen Spector
The writing is on the wall for the Stimulus Supporters ,I consider it a back lash  on anti stimulus vote rather than an anti Semitic  one .but non the less  a  loss for a Jewish seat. It was a major mistake for Arlen Specter to switch to the Democratic Party. where did it get him , for a major player in t senate and someone with a lot of seniority and key seats that he sits on the democratic party in his state wouldn’t give him the respect of a non challenge for the primary race, how sad. with the demographic change  another Jewish senate seat is lost and maybe for good. Big mistake for the party change ,If a Jewish politician can’t get elected in the upcoming New York elections it spells disaster for Jews in politics in America.end

Don Lerman”s Picks For Go Go Curry Final

1st BigWillTheChamp

2nd Pete Czerwinski

3rd Joe Manchetti

4thPaul Arcaria

5thBrian Kenny Pham

Sabre Dance – Aram Khachaturianclick to hear

It is a distinct advantage  in my opinion to have the first 3 best times for the seating , if you score lower you may have a high stool at the counter in the back and there is no standing up in the contest. I haven’t seen Pete in a contest yet  but I went against Will, in 5 mim 55sec he will be  a wreaking machine, when the contest starts , your going to see an eating frenzy the likes you may only have seen at the shark tank at feeding at the Aquarium and I caution the general public. please do not attempt this at home for its for the trained gourmond only!

Don Lerman Will Not Compete In This Years Go Go Curry Contest.


             I will not be competing in this years Go Go Curry event I made a promise to my fans that I shall return to the CE table and for filled that at the Zans Latke Contest and Baja Fresh Contest walked away a winner,thank you for your support.. Good Luck to all competing this year… Don Lerman

The Ten Commandments – Click to hear

Once again … Give Me 6 Months and I’ll Make Jalapeño History

Nat King ColeGuadalajara click to listenAs I compose this brief article ,I ‘am  in the Process of getting my new dental Implants . which should be completed by July of thus year. Plus  a regiment to shed the lbs,to once more be in my fighting weight between 142lbs-170lbs. I know that I said  all this before . But this timeI stand be you the as the Zans Latke And Baja Fresh Burrito Champ. You can’t dismiss it  or discount it but the fact is ,I still have what it takes to bring home the Gold.Pat Bertoleti – Sonya Thomas  I can Beat you hand down…and thats for the record!

Give Me A Chance To Beat Bertoletti At Jalapeños


don jalpapenos1

Don Lerman La Costena Laredo Jalapeño Champ 2002and Milwaukee Mexican festival also 2002 says” give me the opportunity to beat Patrick Bertoleeti at Jalapeños ”, Give me 6 months to train, a no milk contest and the peppers used at Laredo and I will  beat him hands down.– click here La Costeña  2010 Feel the Heat Jalapeño Eating Championship Challenge

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