Trump Can’t Afford To Loose Support From American Jewish Republican Voters

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One of American’s newest  group of new Republican voters are pro Israel Jews.They are bigger in numbers than Actual polls show.
Trump cannot  alienate any percentage of these new voters even as little as only a few percentage points if he intends to carry any large metropolitan city where Jews reside.
However Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr.’s Girl Friend Kimberly Guilfoyle made a speech at The RNC in which she used an anti-semitic code word “The cosmopolitan elite” which we believe was solely intended to curry favor with white Supremacists a way playing both ends to the middle.

If you want any Jewish support stop that now and Instruct Your son’s handlers not to do that any more and a both an apology and exclamation are in order

Many Supporters of Trump  in Israel and abroad find it very troubling concerning the comments by Kimberly Guilfoyle and other Republicans at the RNC disputable .To see that each “elite speakers speech was not scrutinized and vetted before spoken remains deplorable among Jews or perhaps it was and the RNC didn’t care to change it.
We shall also like to emphasize that Israel and American Jews are most greatful for all the Good that pres.Trump did for Israel but he cant have it both ways and have his son’s girlfriend’ making coded anti Semitic messages.
We at The Lerman Report have been in the Presidents corner from the get go but if this is not cleared up soon and we get some sort of assurances that it will never occur again we will drop all support like a HOT POTATO”.
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New Peace With Arab Nations.. Deja Vu All Over Again?

New Peace With Arab Nations..Deja Vu All over again? First of all High tech Jets will be sold to the UAE making Israel loose its Qualitative Military Edge in Air Force Superiority.Now we gef word that it’ll involve the sale of F-35 Jet Craft
This must never occur. Is this the heavy price that Trump sad Israel must pay for him to move the U.S.Embassy to Jerusalem and a have The U.S. accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Why was this hidden from the general Public untill now?
Will We will also be witnessing once again a third lopsided Peace Deal where settlers are once again will be forcibly ripped from their homes & have their settlements dismantled right in front if them as in the past two Palestinian violated deals.

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All Israel will get is a cold peace at away more precious Jewish land for meaningless promises from group known to renege on their word once they are in stronger position..



At first We at the Lerman Report Editorial Board were ecstatic when we heard of an accord with EAE as well as other Arab Nations.  Now we remain both highly cautious & sceptic to say the least from all this uncharacteristic behavior coming from all these Arab Countries.
Let us remind everyone that there are no moderate Arab Nations.The Olympics tought us that Remember when opposing Olympic players from “Moderates Arab Nations” downright refused to shake an Israeli Olympic Players Hand?.

We can see it all now settlers pulled from their homes that the Israeli Government promised would never happen again. However after hearing Various Arab Leaders say that any deal will be incumbent on a Palestinian state..goodbye Jewish Homeland..
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Palestinian Campaign Against Israel And Jews Has Finally Backfired On Them




When We see scores of Anti Semites worldwide clambering for the BDS movement but when question about what actually is is going on they know nothing of the true facts .. whatever they say is just a soundbite or  a talking point.

From Convincing Others To Bar Jews from Businesses..Degrading the Holocaust Rewriting History About Their Own True Origins To Suit & Own Political Agenda…More Terror… More Murder…More Lies.. More Mayhem Perpetrated As Well As Schools Teaching and Fostering Jewish Hatred…

Now They Are Most Likely Get A Fraction If Anything At The Negotiating Table ..Even their Brother Arabs had enough of their intransigence and terrorists ways.

How strange and bizarre that in today’s sick world the Palestinians convinced people to take up with terrorists over their victims…looks like “Game Over” for them.

The tide has finally changed

More heads of state move their Embassy’s to Jerusalem.Yes the writing on the wall now reads”Israel is Here to Stay” We don’t know if a certain parts of their anatomy reaches another part of their anatomy but with the dirty deeds done by the Palestinian Arabs..they none the less Fu___ked themselves… Their plans backfired.

Europe Got Muslims for Jews | The Brussels Journa
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Israel Must Continue To Build New Settlements….& They Must Remain A Part Of A Soverign Israel At All Costs

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Proclaim liberty throughout all the lands,

     Israel has made it known that it has begun to build new settlements.  The press release said its the first in 20 years.. The International community of  Jew Haters are outraged.  So what.. Who gives a crap..Did they care one iota when rockets were being lobed into Israel from Gaza ..or Tunnels being build by Palestinians for the sole purpose to Murder innocent Israeli’s in their sleep?  Or all the random stabbing?  Not a peep out of them? 
     First of all it’s not their country nor their buisness to point fingers a give ultimatums to Isreal..They want a 2  state solution That alright  because with the their large Arab and Muslim populations in their own backyard  pretty soon they well face the same pressure to form a 2 state solution right smack in their own nation….when they do then they should  tell   Israel how they like it..untill  that Time But out !
     With all this terror over the years  in the end  the International Nations give them a Bye & it  all gets forgiven ..Terror means nothing to them  when it happens to  Jews.. however when Terror reared its ugly Head in Belgium & France then entire world stood shoulder to shoulder with them in solidaridy..and rightly so but when it occurs in Israel,Israel is then asked to capitulate and  make concessions.
The Palestinian Arabs have zero respect for anyone other than themselves. The Unesco vote claiming that Jews have no ties to Temple mounts and the Western Wall ( The Kotle) which is Judaism Holiest Site demonstrates a big lack of respect… Now Israel is falsely being labeled an apartheid state by the Palestinian Public Relation Machine .That tract of land that the settlements are on are never be  handed over as an appeasement in any future peace deal. 
Bottom line not only must new settlements stay but they must be expanded and always remain under Israeli sovereignty. We have a suspicion that Bibi Government sole our use of increasing settlements is that they want  big Jewish presence if and when that disputed tract if land is handed over to the Arabs..We hate to clue  Bibi in ..The settlers are proud  Jews as well as nationalistic ones  as well & had they wanted to live in an Arab country they would have took out their passports and moved to Jordan or Egypt long ago.
Former Netanyahu advisor Lerman discusses Israel’s true settlement …/

′Israeli settlements are not an obsta
Jcle for peace′ | World | DW/
Israel to build entirely new settlement in West Bank/

Is Fauci Giving Us All A Stall Job By Not Opening Up America Untill Syringes With Chips to Are Manufactured?

Did the Corona virus  peaked or even ended already?Are we all being held capitive in our homes under sort of under house arrest for nothing?

Fauci Caught iMask Off.Not Worried About Corona?

Are the new figures both untrue and inflated to make it appear that Covid 19 is still with in full force.We don’t buy it.

Sorry we have our doubts …even the influenza epidemic of 1918 didn’t last this Long.As a matter of fact the nuclear fallout from the Atom Bombs dropped at Hiroshima & Nagasaki ending WW11 in the Pacific Theater didn’t last this long..So what could possibly be happening?

We were led to believe that the first lab worldwide to develop the vaccine will get the brass ring…Now it has been revealed that the go ahead was given to two U.S.Labs..

We heard that a syringe with a chip which will become a permanent fixture in our bodies like  a piece of shrapnel  which will be injected along with the Vaccineine.We might very well be tracked like fish in the Ocean..

If this is so its beyond outrageous on multitude of levels.First are we being denied freedom to go outside our homes and reopened our retail shops all because of Big Pharmas greed? We hope not.

I never take the flu shot and don’t intend to this vaccine either..When my Doctor asks me why I ask do you ever listen to Bobby Brown…well its my prerogative!

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I Went To School With Fidel Castro’s Son At P.S.20 Queens




Now that we have normal relations with Cuba I’d like to tell this story of mine so here it goes…
  It Was in the late 1950’s -1961. Fidel Castro had sent his son to live with his sister in Flushing N.Y. during the revolution of Cuba & attended my school P.S 20 in Queens .When the war was over and Batista was ousted from office Fidel was supposed to come to my school, and take home his son home in  dramatic fashion in an elaborate ceremony  at the Tuesday Assembly.
Fidel was busy and sent his brother Raul Castro in his place.
I remember  Raul and his  fatigued wearing comrades marching down the aisle during our assembly…
   Raul presented the principal Mr. Phillips with a giant bust Fidel and Mr. Phillips couldn’t stop showing off and bragging that he was friends with Fidel Castro. Not long after that assembly Fidel started summary executions and reveled that he was  a communist. Mr. Philips hid the Castro bust in the cellar of the school and that was the end of his bragging.
My  Great Great grandfather and his older son had lived down south during the American Civil War and   left as there was not any work after the Civil War during the reconstruction period.They returned to Europe for employment….
Their  return to Europe was short  lived as they were to  forced to flee eastern Europe at the onset of the pogroms.They settled in Cuba as they were not able to immigrate to The U.S.  since they lived in the C.S.A. However my Great Great Grandfathers  youngest son my Great Grandfather in which I’am named after was born in Europe and was  able to secure a visa & immigrate to this country . . My mothers  Mother would travel to Miami  to visit her  Grandfather, uncle and cousins during the 1920’s and 1930’s from Cuba.
Castro confiscated property and  money from the common folk , now we are not talking about Big Sugar or Big Tobacco but the Small Retail owner the Mom & Pop style shops in which I had relatives that  fled Cuba ..
Castro was billed as a guerilla fighter  .well that’s just a fancy more palatable way the press cleaned it up for a different than Hamas….By the way all of my family in Cuba’s money and properties confiscated by the Castro regime without  any reporations.
People were burying their in money in coffee cans thinking that Castro would only  bein power temporarily maybe a Well maybe a month or so… that did not happen and that’s the way it was.


ISIS In Sinia What Are U.S. & International Troops Deployed There Doing About It?… Nothing


 What are U.S. &  International Troops in Sinai Peninsula doing about the ISIS buildup there?  Looks like nothing. The International Makeup  of Troops that are there as a Part of the Camp David peace accords. Is6is  should never have been allowed to build up and station themselves Sinai, Since Sinai is now under Egyptian  control. Egypt also is helpless ,the Egyptian army basically is just a police force ..not really able to handle oust an army the of  caliber that ISIS maintains. Soldiers of the International Forces should never have let Isis get a foothold there. It should have been halted and nipped in the bud a long time ago .The U.S. commander either has his hands tied or is no better than a new West point. Graduate and should be replaced…read below
Multinational Force and Observers – Wikipedia, the free …Image result for hand pointing picture
Task Force Sinai – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/Image result for hand pointing picture
Concerns grow about safety of US troops in Sinai – result for hand pointing picture


New ISIS threat prompts U.S. to send 75 more troops to …Image result for hand pointing picture


Want To Stop Massive Immigration On Our Southern Border?Then Stop Coffee Imports From Vietnam & Cambodia

The Crux Of Solving All The Illegal  Mass Immigration  On Our Southern Border.

If Uncle  Sam Wants to end Illegal Mass Immigration  from Central and South America  then stop all coffee importation  from those coffee growing nations  in Indio China such as Vietnam  and Cambodia.
Coffee was once grown almost exclusively in Central  and South America  at least  those beans destined for U.S consumption. Coffee Bean growth was basically their exclusive mainstay product destined for importation to the U.S.Their bread and butter which is no longer the case.The sad thing is that it was virtually impossible to grow another crop due to the terrain and hence a replacement crop was never implemented.


Most if not all coffee bean production destined for importation to the U.S. now comes in directly  from Vietnam and Cambodia…


Let me say it as it is..The major companies  involved in selling of Coffee never get to see nor handle their product.All coffee is purchased from Buyers by the Coffee Company’s representatives  based on both availability as well as what is bid on bought at the right price.


Beans bought on  the spot market go directly to a middle man.Theses outfits everything from washing the beans to roasting and canning.
One such purchase may contain rich beans such as Columbian  or Brazilian  or the weak beans such as the Guatemalan.
The Roast Master creates the same consistency from each roasting regardless of what beans are sent to him from the spot market..The contracting  company  never sees it touches their Coffee product untill it’s complete and in their warehouses back in The U.S..
Now we  almost exclusively have coffee being imported from Indo China..And as We mentioned awful lot of coffee beans are no longer coming from south of our border due to Cambodian and. Vietnam importation.


So it’s very simple  solution Stop importing Coffee from South East Asia and start reordering our Coffee Beans from Central and South America..Once  coffee production is increased have to old 1970 levels in Latin America then their will be jobs once more and a renewed economy in. Central and South America and will lesson if not cease most illegal immigration to our southern border.
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The Real Reason Why There Is So Much Cancer Today…


     Ever wonder why there is so much cancer prevalent today among us?    It is not from any sources of questionable non potable drinking water or pesticides used by farmers or from Grandma growing her backyard tomatoes..Then what is causing it you may ask?   Is it cigarettes?  No it’s all those x-rays that we are all taking.  The Chest X-rays, MRI’s Catscan’s,  or Bone Density Tests and lets not forget those twice yearly Dental X-Rays you name it our Doctors are bombarding us with potentially dangerous radiation.
They are signing the orders for these radiation tests left and right and giving  them out as if they were candy.
Let us clue everyone in right now X-Ray or any other Means of radiology MRI etc are not a fool-proof 100% means diagnostic certainty. .
Interpretation remains more of an art then an exact science when  these tools of radiology are employed.With the sole exception perhaps of a simple broken arm it’s basically a crap shoot.
Years ago hardly anybody died from  cancer..Our lifespan was  only 65 years old..
  You turned grey  back got bent over..   You walked with a cane and maybe when your time was up someone found you on the floor arms and fists clenched in the air and your days were up.
 Someone put dimes on your eyes draped a sheet over you and  & you left this Earth in a peaceful way.
We are living longer but cancer has all get ridden with cancer..Oncology one of the lucrative of all medical  fields along  with its best friend the Radiologists.
Someone once said “nobody lives forever..everybody has to die sometimes and you have die from something..but  radaition poisoning and subsequent cancer doesn’t and needn’t have to occur.
Stay away from the Radiology Dept.and you can live to 110.

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