The U. S .Must Require Stronger Stringent Regulations On Imported Produce From South America.

The U. S .Must Require  Stronger Stringent  Regulations On Imported Produce From South  America. They must prove that they dont use pesticides and insecticides that are banned by the Food & Drug Administration and be willing to have U.S inspection teams inspect their growing fields and if they are found in non compliance with our regulations whether with the water they grow with or chemicals they us…an immediate ban on importing their produce,plain & simple…end

The Andrew Sisters – South American Way

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Are Pharmaceutical Companies Keeping Up Supply of Drugs Up For Street Use?

Jumpin‘ Jack Flash The Rolling Stones cover-click open link in new tab

Are Pharmaceutical Companies  Keeping up Supply of Drugs Up For Street Use? Do they deliberately make sure that they will produce enough for illegal sales? Are they producing more for phony clinics that write prescriptions for any one that walks in or online sales ? Back in the 1960’s Quaaludes  was removed  from the market because of this same problem  is Oxy Coton next? Why is theU.S. Drug Administration not  taking a closer look at this …end


Want to Pack the Synagogues Once Again?

       If the Board of Rabbis want to pack em in the  Synagogues on Saturday or the High Holy days what I propose is to drop the Chassan for a good stand up Comedian.
 Todays Jewish  Synagogues  attendee doesn’t relate to a Cantor in todays market of music.
Today’s Cantor’s are old hat (no pun intended) On the High Holy Days they earn more than Sinatra did when he headlined back in the day at the Sands Hotel.
Get someone like A Jackie Mason or some other good Jewish comic to do stand up and you’ll pack them in…. Guaranteed …




Is it Highway Robbery For The Parents To keep The Bar Mitzvahs Gifts To Pay Off The Caterer?


I was Bar Mitzvaded in April of 1962, like many Bar Mitzvah boys I studied my Tuchas off for 6 hrs a day of learning to sing the Haf Torah and all the trimmings.I was ever bit as good a a young Moisher Oysher I was home schooled by my Great Uncle Phil Silver who happed to  grew up with Moisher Oysher and went to the same Shull in Montreal with him… His  younger Brother Daniel Silver Himself was a Famous Big Time Chassan from Montreal.
       My parents like many Parents in the 50′s and 60′s wanted to impress everyone so they rented a catering hall that they couldn’t afford.Each and every Bar Mitsvah boys mother would put on her mink stole  and utter the words Hoo- Ha look at me while feining wealth as they lined their pockets with all the gift money indeed for their son .How in the world can they pay for it you might ask? Simple..  They kept all the Cash Gifts and Bonds  and basically handed it over to the catering Hall ..If they wanted to throw a big affair Guess What? They  should have saved up & used their own money or taken out a loan at the bank. Those gifts did belong to them..Shame on all of those Parents who spoiled their sons Big Day.

Actual Reception 1962 Howard Ave.Brownsville Brooklyn 

Every Jewish man in my age bracket knows what I’m referring to. It s just not right.I tell everyone who  is not Jewish that if their invited to a Bar mitzvahs to ask the father of the Bar Mitzvah Boy “Are you letting the Bar Mitsvah Boy keep all of the Gifts”? If they say no… then I don’t go because the parents are making a shame out of a sacred act.Today all lot of Parents when asked that replying back “where saving it for his college education” Wrong answer that money is your son’s to so as he pleases him whether it be Atlantic city casino or anything he bloody well chooses.

My parents and all those who stole their kid’s Bar Mitvah gelt Fashaired our Simchca. Sad to say  keeping all cash gifts and bonds was business as usual for that entire Generation of Jewish Parents.

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Are American Jewish Woman Decimating The Jewish Population by Refusing to Date Jewish Men?

There are 2 Types of Jewish Woman…
First the self  hating Jew that considers each and every Jewish man a Nerd or Nebish and are not man enough for them to date.
The 2nd is the Gold Digger that wants nothing but Doctor or lawyer and wouldn’t even look sideways at any man who makes less than a 6 figure salary .
 For neither of these 2 types described above it doesn’t matter how good-looking or how good a family man he’d make between the two it makes it very difficult for Jewish men to meet suitable Jewish partners.
 The first type that we mentioned(the self hating Jew) we would describe as a character flaw. further we would go on  to say that it probably stems from a both a lack of any Jewish Education and Poor Parental control. 
 While 2nd type  (Gold Digger ) is also a character flaw as well. However we believe that this type of trait is well indoctrinated in the minds of Jewish women early on perhaps from the moment they first start to contemplate dating..probably due to advice from their circle of friends. Though this type may not be taught by Jewish Parents it is not discouraged either. For them no man who installs cable or works a low-level white color job need  apply.
         To quote a line from fiddler on the roof “Isn’t a Poor Man Entitled to a Little Happiness”
 We will say this although We will stand by what We Just described above.. ..We will just add that among the more religious Jewish communities  this generally  does not occur. What Hitler couldn’t accomplish American Jewish women are finishing the job of decimating the Jewish Population *



Clothing Industry Should Refrain From Using The Iron Cross In Their Clothing Line


Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and DiamondsThe Iron Cross an old GermanSee full size image Army Medal .today is nothing more today than a code symbol for a Swastika in the opinion of The Lerman Report , Plain and simple it means nothing else. I see it all the time on German style motorcycle helmets . Everyone knows it and yet it has an Emperors New Clothes Mystic about it ( nobody says boo about it) , well The Lerman Report says enough is Enough This usage of the Iron Cross is bringing hatred out in the open. and We at The Lerman Report challenge the clothing industry and the public to wake up and boycott this image/end

Eat it all-pay nothing at all Posted by pcampbell July 15th, 2010, 2:48 pm

Biscuits Recipe There was a short discussion on Twitter today about places that have eating challenges: big dishes you don’t pay for if you eat it all.

Which reminded me to blog this:

There’s a place out in Lawrenceburg called Howie’s Diner. It’s been there since 1961, and it’s open 24 hours a day.  Sort of an old-fashioned truck stop. It’s on Highway 50, right before you get to Hollywood Casino (formerly Argosy)

They serve breakfast all day, including biscuits and gravy. So this Saturday from 9-noon, they’ve got a challenge. They’re making huge biscuits with gravy, and if you eat it all, it’s free. But fair warning: it’s a huge biscuit; about a pound.  (looks good, too.) With a salad bowl (like a serving salad bowl) full of gravy, and they tell me there’s a lot of sausage in their gravy. If you don’t eat it all, it’s $19.99. (You might just go with your family and some friends and split it.)

They’d like you to sign up ahead of time, but you could be spontaneous and just show up

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Philly-based eating challenges becoming increasingly challenging, preposterous


Whole-hog-hawkingJake’s Sandwich Board (112 S. 12th St.) just announced what they’re calling the “Jake’s 5-lb. Philly Challenge.” Challengers must shell out $35 to try their hand at eating a two-foot sandwich (cheesesteak, pork, brisket … or all three if you really wanna die), four soft pretzels, an entire box of Butterscotch Krimpets or Kandy Kakes (?!), 24 Peanut Chews and a Champ Cherry. If you finish this haul within 45 minutes, not only do you get the stuff for free, you also get your mug pasted on Jake’s coming-soon “Wall of Fame”; the first person to beat this bit of Philly-centric masochism will also receive a $100 gift card.

This ain’t the only Man vs. Food-style challenge floating about the 215, though. There’s theDrinker’s “33 tacos in 13 minutes” thing that we posted about in June. And then there’s the“SHAME Challenge” at the Wishing Well (Ninth and Catharine), which requires big eaters to finish two double SHAME burgers (all told, that’s two 8-ounce patties, two hunks of scrapple, four slices of American cheese and two fried eggs), two orders of french fries and two pints of beer in 45 minutes or less. Winner gets his or her $30 meal free, plus a $25 giftcard and a photo of their “Wall of SHAME.”

Of these three Philly eating challenges, which would you be most likely to take on/

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Banks Must Pay High Yield On Passbook Interest


3d bank isolated on the white - stock photo

Banks charge at lest 20% on failure to pay credit card payments on time ,Picture Of Money yet only pay 1-2% on  CD’s and passbook  and checking accounts . It’s high time the  Federal banking agencies  force them to pay at least 5 1/4% on all savings accounts minimum. Many people at one  time in the ending in the 1980’s  relied on interest income as a retirement  supplement. This must be brought back as seniors find it close to impossible to retire today on Social Security and it must be implemented soon.end of editorial

Money” – Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey click open  link in new tab to hear
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Update:Donna Simpson: World’s Fattest Mom? 600-Pound N.J. Woman Hoping for Spot in Guinness Book

Donna Simpson.At 600 pounds, Donna Simpson may already have the title of world’s fattest mom under her belt. And though she has recently disavowed her desire to become a half-ton woman, the 42-year-old resident of Old Bridge, N.J., is anything but abashed.
She has recently become a YouTube star and likes to show off her generous proportions on, a website created for people who can’t get enough of the big girls.
Simpson says she eats 12,000 calories a day, the Daily Mailreports. That’s almost seven times what the average woman should consume, says Marisa Sherry, a registered dietician who specializes in eating disorders.
Simpson first made headlines last March, when she told a British tabloid that she was super-sizing her portions on purpose. Her goal, she said, was to reach the 1,000-pound mark, putting her closer to earning a spot in the Guinness World Records book.
The story triggered heavy criticism from bloggers and tweeters around the world-including some who expressed concern for her 3-year-old daughter.
Chastened, Simpson recently told that she didn’t really want to get that big, but that she likes living large and doesn’t care to lose weight.
“I like being fat,” she told WCBS in New York. “I guess I’m just comfortable. It’s a struggle for me to be thin, and I’ve said if it’s such a struggle it must not be natural, so I refuse to do the battle anymore.”
Simpson’s fame may grow along with her weight. She has a book deal in the works, and there is talk of her own reality TV show, Reuters reports.
But if supersize stardom is one of Simpson’s goals, it’s not the only one. Eager to stamp out discrimination against obese people, she’s become a vocal member of the “fat acceptance movement,” Reuters reports. She’s also a shoulder to cry on for plus-sized women who email her saying that love and happiness remain frustratingly elusive.

Of course, the extra weight comes with some heavy disadvantages. Simpson has so much trouble walking that she sometimes relies on a scooter to get around, according to Fox News. And while Simpson says she is healthy, Sherry says she is putting herself at high risk for health problems, including sleep apnea, heart disease, and a condition known as fatty liver.

Surprisingly, Simpson is almost petite in comparison to the heaviest woman who ever lived, Brooklyn-born Carol Yager, who topped the scales at 1,600 pounds. Yager died of heart failure in 1994.
Still, the Guinness book is considering granting Simpson’s wish, and putting her name under a new category – world’s most massive mom
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