Like Him Or Loath Him…Trump Is No Manuchurian Candidate



  Let us start right off and say that to imply that Donald  Trump is  some sort Manchurian is grasping at straws by his detractors in order to defame him.  Every Nominee seeking The Oval Office both the Democratic and Republican picks are given an audiences with Every Major World Leader.   Those seeking the Highest Office of  the Land will meet with the G8 and Israel as well as all of our Allies including our Adversaries which will include The Russian Leadership.In other words all the Worlds leaders the Movers and  Shakers of the International Nations will  greet every U.S.Politician running to be President.Period.
  For all those who wish to make Trump out to be a some sort of “Manchurian Candidate” it is Beyond the Pale of Decency and Utterly Outrageous.There is no Conspiracy or Cabal with Russia or Putin..The Democratic Party should apply to be the Poster Boy  for Sour Grapes.They can’t get over the fact that they lost the election..Get over it.Let everyone see it for what it really is a “Witch Hunt”and nothing more.Trump is not a puppet and no one pulls his strings.He is now and has always been his own man. We now know that it was all manufactured by the Democrats and Hillary was part and parcel to this smear campaign.


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Medicare and Medicade For Our Pets It’s About Time!


     It was only today that someone mentioned to us that they brought their Dog into a Vet for annual Examination and vaccinations at a cost of  $750 .. That’s beyond outrageous!
If Uncle Sam can give away the store to Every Shmuck and his Brother Jumping Our Border Then Let Him Impelmate This!
The sad reality of the situation is that no poor person or even the average working stiff can afford a Pet with todays skyrocketing costs that Veteranarian’s charge.
Every  time any Pet owner  takes a trip to the Vet they will pay between $85.& $100 and that’s not including any minor procedures such as nail clipping, shots,bathing,or any thing else that may be done.
It’s high time that the Government gives Medicare or Medicade to our Pets .We will say this from the Get Go it has to be an up hill battle all the way..It almost appears that if there’s is no group lobbing for some specific cause and making some sort of contribution to a Politician’s Re Election War Chest..It’ll never happen
Pet owners don’t hold your breath for Government Health Insurance for your Pets.Uncle Sam is slow in giving Veteran receiving pensions or compensation a COLA increase . So any movement on this issue will be very slow..It’s harder than pulling teeth for Animal rights groups can’t get laws passed to make stronger penalties for Animal abuse and Neglect. It seems that our Pets  are a non issue to our Lawmakers.However  the time has come to demand Medicade or Medicated for Pets.

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Iran and Palestinian Propaganda Machine’s Continue Pumping Out Anti-Jewish Message Joseph Goebbels Style

Iran’s and Palestinian Propaganda Machines are busy  Pumping Out Anti-Jewish Messages. While the Islamic World decries disparaging and denigrating  remarks concerning their  own Religion even if it was misinterpreted or unintentional whatsoever. They waste no time  whatsoever in putting down other religions. Sad to say that Nazi’s propagandist  Joseph Goebbels once said a lie enough becomes believed.
Israel And Major Jewish organizations Better Step Up With  Measures To Counter These Lies  Before They Become Believed  And Considered  Fact

Sad to say that this is  accomplished in the worse possible way /Anti Zionist movies and  clips have appeared  all over as if we were in the 1930’s Nazis era Anti Jewish films using the term Zionist as if it was some sort of curse word  and in a pejorative  manner. These films are shown in schools and all over Arab & Islamic world and now has reared its ugly head in the American News rooms masquerading under the veil of Palestinian rights
How can any nation negotiate peace when this filth is being disseminated whenever anyone  turns on their T.V..Sets?

U.S. May Stop All Foriegn Aid To Countries That Voted Against American Interests



Any nation that either voted for the UN. resolution to Rescind Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or even refrained abstained from voting (same thing) Uncle Sam Should cut them off cold of any and all U.S.aid .We at the at The Lerman Report Editorial Board will even more imports of their goods from any of their nations  into U.S.Ports and no American should be allowed to travel their country (they could kiss their income from tourism goodbye). We excepted this from nations such as Iran or Turkey..but from India?..That was beyond shocking..After all the good will that Israel did for India and then they abstain and don’t support Israel is shameful .Israel rolled out the red carpet for India’s Narendra Modi Modwinds ..and  how does he Express his gratitude. he winds up giving Israel a “Putz In Tuchus.
For those nations that Israel sends relief aid  complete with  medical teams when Disaster Strikes along with all the technologically medical breakthroughs that Israel gives to the World  in the end doesn’t mean squat.
Where has the moral compass gone from all these nations? They choose to side  with and champion Terrorists over their  Victims.TheU.N. has become a sham a worthless piece of garbage where it has become open season and sport to crap on Israel by Jew hating  “Diplomats”who have a unheathy  obsession with Israel…They do nothing but bash her and waste our Earths oxygen supply.
Turkeys Erodgan said as a retort to Trumps  threat to stop aid that foreign policy can’t be bought..Does any one think for one second that these nations leaders voting against the U.S.and Israel did not have their palms shmearded? Hey Erdogan  please don’t preach right and wrong to The U.S. and Israel.Untill the day comes when Turkey restores Istambul to Constantinople we”d aprreciate  if you would just bud out.
When we witness Nations that never had any Jewish population ever in their nation spew such Anti Jewish Hatred We are sure that some cash is being passed  under the table somewhere at some point to someone..and that someone adds up to plenty…yes plenty of Nations leaders and diplomates.You better believe it..Those who took money to cast these votes at the U.N. have literally sold their soul to the Devil.
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Chasdium Must Serve In The IDF Or Leave Israel No More Privileged Characters

The Ultra Orthodox Must Serve in the IDF or  Leave Israel …its as plain as that. Why should they get special privileges and protected status? It’s high time they  put on a khaki suit and do some military service instead of making others put their life and limb on the line.
Most of them have dual citizenship…during the National Israeli Elections they leave the confines of Borough Park and make trip to Israel to cast their vote.Their intention is to tip the Election where their “United Torah Judaism Party “will be sorely needed in order to form a Coalition Government.
Then they bend the major Political Party Leaders over their desks in order to extract every thing on their wish list..One these wishes are to keep their draft except status continuing.Their other demands range from shutting down everything on Sabbath and to becoming the”Boss concerning who can and can not pray at the” Kotel” (Western Wall)

The Israeli army needs to draft ultra-Orthodox Jews – for society’s sake ../
Israel Must Switch From Chief Rabbinate’s Office ..


The Arabs Won’t Destroy Israel..Israel Will Eventually Implode Itself/ Israel Must Stop Worrying About World Opinion & Get It’s House In Order


          Let no one make any mistake about it Israel has a top notch Military Machine.”The Qualitative as Edge”as they say.The next war if and when it happens & it’s only a matter of time Israel will face a plethora of fronts..They will  be attacked  from Gaza..West Bank..Jordan..Lebanon Syria..and expect  some sort of air support perhaps from Turkey and Missiles from Iran. However Israel will prevail ..this time.In 10 short years if Israel doesn’t wise up  they will cease to exist.Stop.worrying about world opinion.The World hates Jews and always did and may always what’s strictly in your own interests only.Forget about being a true Democracy 

.Tell me what Arab county is a Democracy Dhimmi? Rabbi Kahane once said that you can become a Jewish nation or a Democracy but you can not be both and survive as a Democratic one.

There is fact of life that is not really being played out in the press.First the Chasidic Jews residing in israel refuses Army service..A lot Israeli youth from all points of their Population spectrum are refusing  to serve as well siting  “Conscientious Objector  Status. Main line Israel’s as of late have little or no respect for American Jews.They make their feelings known.They view those Jews in America nothing but  Arm Chair Quarterbacks who don’t put on a uniform and serve in the IDF and should keep thier mouths shut.What they fail to grasp is the massive aid package that Israel receivers from the U.S. it due for the most part for  the fact that American Jews are voting for pro Israel canidates.Thirdly the two Chief Rabbi’s are crapping on other Streams of  American and World Jewry.All other streams of judaism are being barred from the Kotel(Western Wall).A good deal of those barred are American Jewish Tourists.
Intermarirage has taken a big toll among American Jews.Many liberal and secular Jews have no interest in Israel.As bizzare as it may seem they sooner lend support for incoming Syrian Immigrants than their own Ethnic Group.I have to say as of right now if it weren’t for Evangelical Christian Support here in the States Israel would be in deep trouble finding friends in the Halls of The U.S. Congress. Wake up Israel the writing is on the wall ..Don’t disrespect whatever American Jews  that are still in your corner lending verbal and financial support to Israel..

Are The Hollywood Film Studio’s And Music Industry Having Their Stars Speak Out On Hot Button Political Issues?

      I was going in retail buisness..I met a payroll.One of the first things that my mentors taught me when teaching me the trade was  that you never discuss Politics or religion with your customers..and by never we mean never.You might say if We may borrow a spoken term.It is the”Cardinal Rule” of every buisness.If your going to break that rule ..then be prepared to loose customers

We.  noticed that most of these so called alleged “Hacks” were Retired Actors & Recording Stars..Robert De Niro,Barbra Streisand, Rob Reiner,Richard Gere…Hmmm!

Get The Picture…

When We witness these Hollywood Actors and  Recording Stars at Award shows either Knocking the President or backing Radical Groups with Terrorist ties. If  We Were their studio Bosses..they would be shown the exit door….Though this is a free country and anyone can voice their own opinion .However in this  case we have to believe that in my heart of hearts that not only do they have the studios blessing and go ahead but perhaps they are told to say by the Studio Heads.


When we see Richard Gere come out and support Terrorists in Gaza & The West Bank manipulating the story line  attempting to put a pleasant face on  butchers We scratch our heads in  utter disbelief ..We would have bet our bottom dollar that after that he would be was done in Hollywood. To our shock and dismay we find his films are being saturated day and night on T.V. being shown on every Cable Station from Coast to Coast. Same with Mel Gibson and Elton John.


Are they doing this on their own.? We don”t buy it  not for one second. What is of major concerns to us is when hear Obama say to Angel Merkel when she had reservation about letting in all those refugees into Germany..”Your on the Right side of History”. Is Hollywood working with the left?  Are  all theses these Politically Vocal Stars being  paraded around really just renegade Actors speaking their own minds?  Are these Activist Actors & Rock Stars are in reality actually just Pol Parroting their Studios wishes? Are they merely feigning independent thought but in actuality are just a studio Hack and Stooge?..YOU BE THE JUDGE…
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