Did North Korea Just Test Iran’s Atom Bomb?

      Did North Korea  Just Test Iran Atom Bomb?

Was the Nuclear test just  completed by North Korea  a Test  in proxy for Iran ? This is what Bibi Netanauahu calls a wake up call for Israel and the west. Israel must take out Iran’s nuclear reactor soon very soon . The U.N  will condemn  them the Anti Semitic world will yell and kick for a week and then it will quiet down.

Iran move to speed up nuclear program troubles/


WestNetanyahu: North Korea Proves Iran Will Continue Nuclear Program/

Iran move to speed up nuclear program troubles West

Nassau PBA & Civil Service Union Will Bust The County


Look for the Union Label Light Orchid

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Nassau PBA & The Civil  Service Union Will Bust The County if the slated  raises goes through. The State oversight committee nixed the raises but a judge overturned it and said its illegal and they must get the raise with all back interest,

What the civil servants don’t comprehend is the  civil servants exist only to serve the county not the other way around. The oversight committee is appealing the ruling . Say no to those raise were paying to much taxes now!

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Newsday Violates Spirit Of Journalism



  N.Y. Newsday Violates Spirit Of fair play and in my humble  opinion  comiting  foul play by not printing the T.V. Stains for FIOS & Dish network  in their Newday newspaoer, You see Newday owns cable and as such will not advertise or print the T.V listing for FIOS or DISH NETWORK’ Can you imagine if  Newsday owned the Yankees and wouldn’t list Met Games , well its the same thing . There has to be some  sort of regulatory government agency we could complain to like FCC , i will look int this further .

Hyundai Motors Should Change Its Name

                 Motors  Should Change Its Name , the name congers up a cheap car which it is no longer exists  Thou in today’s market  you could spend better than $30,000 plus on a Hyundai…  We feel perhaps  They should find a new name for their car.  Pound for pound along side  Toyotas, Hondas And Nissan  you get a better deal  for the fully loaded car , The public is turned off by the name Hyundai. Like Datson who changed  its  name to Nisson a while back Hyundai  too must change its name  



Al kiadda is Harder to Defeat and Fight than Hitlers Army and WWII”S Japanese Army

al kiadda  is harder tho beat and fight than Hitlers army and WWII”S Japanese army, They are all over the middle east and now they are taking over countries either by force or  cohesion with  allies such as the Moslem Brotherhood & Hamas, Never has there been an adversary so tough and difficult to defeat as this . Their strength can not be taken lightly nor their resolve, what they do they do with  great motivation and near perfect. Our resolve in the west must be 10 fold  of theirs , Old war tactics don’t work in this fight, eventually we  will need some type of draft or Foreign legion or mercenary army on our side to defeat them as  a volunteer Armed forces is not enough. As the Lerman Report Laid out in another story a while back on   starting a FOREIGN LEGION
    https://thelermanreport.com/2012/10/03/u-s-should-start-a-foreign-legionLight Orchid

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Canadian Geese what Should We Do?



       What Humane way can we use to rid the north east coast of the U.S .of  Canadian  Geese  They are crapping up the golf courses Ball fiends,beaches,etc. etc. What can we do without poisons or dogs killing them not much.There are solutions and companies take your money with short term results , In a few months guess what …there back  and there protected by law. why did they migrate here from Canada the first place does anyone know?
Airports have falcons and dogs they want no bird attack on a Plane  in flight but what can everybody else do? Not much , I went to my local beach and the adjoining  golf course was covered in goose droppings with geese all over.Just what  can be  done to solve this matter ?

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Telemarketing Must Be Ended Now!

lily tomlin
Lily Tomlin as telephone operater
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open  link in new tab to hear only  Telemarketing Must Be Ended Now Its got out of hand, the present law visa vie Telemarketing is unenforceable. My phone rang the other day & the number was blocked. It came up private so I let it ring it rang for nearly five minutes at that time I said what kind of fool is at the other end ?So I finally I picked it up.” this is Phil your roofer”…  I replied angrily take me off your list and don’t ever call this number again!
How many times have you hears this ploy or hear” this is your carpet cleaner” , or ”I’m calling on behalf of the State troopers’.’Most of the time I wait for them to identify themselves and they say Mr. Lerman I repeat , ”who is this ?” They repeat I’m calling on behalf of the  State troopers, I reply I know what your doing but who are you? ” This is John Jones” I say once more  “‘what is the name of your company? and can I call you back?”(because they are breaking the no  call list law and called me on a fake phone number.. This is an invasion of privacy they will call holidays weekends evenings anytime. They do not fear the fine at all  the law its not being inforced .Ma bell is a big provider and as such they are making a wind fall profit on this.
Telemarketing must stop!


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junk Mail… Let The P.O. Eliminate it & Save Even More $$$$

          Let the P.O. eliminate  the  junk mail and start saving even more  billions.Nobody wants that junk mail that fills your mailbox up, the only thing that junk ml accomplishes is perhaps an important letter or bill gets wedged between the junk mail and get thrown out to our dismay , such as an important tax bill or drivers licence renal  as an example.

Lets have the P.O. stop all junk mail now!

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