When This Nightmare Of Defund The Police Has Ended And Law And Order Restored Those Mayors & Governors That Stood By And Did Nothing Must Be Held Accountable



  When The Smoke Clears And Sanity is Restored in Those Cities That These Thugs Such As Anita and BLM Masquerading As Champions Of The Downtrodden Those Mayors And Governors That Stood By And Did Nothing To Protect Citizens And Property Must Be Held Accountable.These Mayors Who Refused To Allow Police To Do Their Job And Governors Who Down Right Both Remove Those Mayors From Office As Well As  Refusing To Call Out The Nation Guard Must  Be Held Accountable.
They Must Be Brought Up On The Carpet And Indicted So That This Never Occurs Again.
The Radical Left Is Destroying Our Great Nation And Is Looking To Turn It Into A Socialist One.
Haven’t We Learned The Lessons Of The Past With The Rise of Nazi Germany. And Castro To Let This Happen This Elected Officials Giving This. A Thumbs Up Are Merely Doing Biggest Act Of Pandering The World Has Ever Witnessed.
It Appears That These Politicians Want To Stay In Office No Matter What Happens And Are More Than Willing To Sacrifice Everyone Safety To Achieve That Goal.
Many Have Wondered How Jews In  Pre WW11 Germany Were Passive To Allow The Nazi’s To Perpetrate That Level Of Violence Such As kristalnight To Occur ..Well This Is How. By A Do Nothing Complacent Leadership.Well It’s Deja Vue All Over Again.Here Is An Exact Repeat Of History Playing Out Right Before Our Eyes..New Yorks Governor Andrew Coumo Said When Asked About The Toppling and Desecration Of Historical Statues Replied”It’s A Healthy Expression.Nancy Pelosi Said Of That. Same Question”People Will Do What People Do”When Its over it’ll Be time for self serving do nothing Politicians To Pay The Piper.
Sad to say the reality of the situation is that all across the nation Democrats must be voted out of office for any change to happen….Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting.
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A Tribute To Jerry Lewis On Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day weekend will never be the same without Jerry Lewis..He was abruptly fired from the “MDA” Labor Day Weekend Telethon a few years ago..Now that he is no longer with us Labor Day will never be the same..It’s the same with New Years Eve.. Just as when Guy Lombardo died he took New Years Eve with him Jerry Lewis took Labor day with him.Neither of those 2 days will ever be the same.
I’m in my late 60’s now & grew up with Seeing Jerry Lewis way back in the Martin & Lewis days..Seldom does a talent come along and make an impact on the public as Jerry Lewis has done R.I.P.  Jerry Lewis.

Is The U.S.Government Pushing Hot Button Issues In Order To Divert Attention From The Pork Barrel?




      There  not to many”Hot Button Issues” We could properly surmise that we can count them on one hand. Yet these same issues are dominating the news every night .The top ones are Abortion..The Middle East..Immigration…Health Care and Gun Control.These 5 “what We will term “Hot Button”Issues we are  witnessing  on the news everyday.
While we are not down playing or discounting the value or personal importance of these issues.What we are pointing out that it almost appears the media is making these issues their focal point and by doing so are creating an  atmosphere  of animosity and division among the populate as to steer everyone away from the real business at hand which is our elected officials in Congress making money for themselves and their friends (their campaign contributors and Lobbyists).
When a bill is passed it ‘s not a thin 2 page booklet but a  big thick publication like Ala Websters dictionary.There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.   We would venture to say that every member of Congress has their hand in the pork barrel at one  time or another President Ronald Reagan wanted  Congress to enact the line item veto so that certain other proposed Bills and Pork Barrel  that the President can veto it and still sign on to the rest of the Bill thus leaving selected laws in and eliminating other attached to “The thick phone book style Bill..


We further will go on to say that in reality it almost appears as if that is the Government is actually 90% Pork Barrel including government contracts ..grants ..federal jobs and Judgeship appointments and  only 10% actually policy making.
Think about it for a moment..the party faithful spends millions on a campaign for congress to get elected to a job that only pays a measly $174,000 a year. Why?
  So we got to walk away thinking perhaps all this perhaps is only a well orchestrated plan over the years only intended to be sort of a ploy in order to divert any and all attention from the all matters of business that those serving in Congress are up to... Could that be of raiding the Pork Barrel without any outcry or examination,scrutiny devoid of any public forum or  discussion of how our hard earned tax dollars are being spent?
 Tell us that we are wrong and this is not a Smoke Screen of sorts keeping Mr.&Mrs public in the dark and incumbency is not there basically for the Pork Barrel.Sad to say  we believe that if not for this cash cow the hall of Congress would empty. .The perception of way the news media presents it  is the Democrats and Republicans can never have meeting of the minds and is always at odds.Not  so..
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Take Congressional Funded Studies With A Grain Of Salt..


 Whenever you hear on the news that a study has been conducted for lets say for example  “The Dangers Of Eating  Meat  That’s Been Cooked Well Done Or Any Health Related Issue…Its like Ripley’s ..believe it or not..The one conducting the study most proberly received a Federal grant to study it..These grants are known as Government” Pork Barrel” giveaways to influencial and well connected people.This shameful waste  of our tax dollar is equally conducted on both sides of the isle by The both the Republicans and  Democratics.We would venture to say that it’s most likely that there isn’t one member of Member of either  Congress or the Senate That doesn’t engage in being part and parcial to Pork Barrel  grants are routinely tagged onto Congressional bills ..These grants can be anywhere in the range of $600,00 way up into million$ of dollar$ per grant..Many of these “Grant Studies” have not only been conducted before but many many times before yielding the exact same results. This may be the biggest waste of U.S.Tax Dollars yet ..Like We mentioned hundreds if not thousands of these type of grants are regularly  passing muster through the halls of Congress yearly. So I don’t give much credence whenever I hear advice from the people conducting these studies.So we at the Lerman Report urge everyone to call or write your representatives and voice your displeasure and demand more Transparency on whats is include in Congressional Bills.
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Our U.S.Of Government No Longer Working..Constantly At Odds With Each Other & Bogged Down..Our Solution

Our U.S. System Of Government Is No Longer Working..Constantly At Odds With Each Other & Bogged Down.We At The Lerman Report May Have The Solution At Hand. Not To Be Labeled Subversive or Un American We May Have The Idea That May Work To Fix That Problem.
First Off A Constitutional Convention Is In Order..The Only Thing That The Executive and Legislative Braches can Agree On Is The Pork Barrel Giveaways.Our Answer Will End That Forever..Our Plan Will Virtually Eliminate 100% Of The Pork Barrel Giveaways From Over 500 Members Of The Congress And Senate.
Here Is The Solution:
Have The Three Branches Of Government Constitutionally Dissolved And In It’s Place A Three Way South American Styled Non Military Elected Junta Giving More Power To The Senior Junta Member Who Whould Replace The Executive Branch Head Or Presidency.The Other Two Non Senior Members Of This Proposed Junta Would Take The Place Of Each One Of The Senate The Other Of Congress Thus Leaving Our Present Supreme Court As It Is Today “Unchanged”And “Unscathed” From The New Form Of U.S.Government.


We Will Then No Longer  Have Any Non Elected Positions Of Importance Such A Select Committee Chairmanship Posts Or Also Non Elected Sub Committee Post Chairs Or The Most Coveted Speaker Of The House Or Head Senater..All Three Whould Be Directly Elected Through One National Election Process At The Same Time…Leaving State Legislators And Municipalities Unchanged.
This Junta Would Not Be Made Up Strictly Of Non Military Personnel But Only Elected Officials And Be Based On And Tailored  Both To American Democratic Tastes And Laws.
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