Disgraceful Actors Use SAG Award Ceremony For Political Protest

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    Shameful and Discracful that some actors spoiled the SAG award ceremony last  night and turned it into a political rally against Trump and his travel restriction ban. Viewers turn on the T.V.to have a bit of enjoyment and take a break  and and get some dovetdion.from all the crap that they see every night unfold on the News
Thou we believe in free speech this was not the proper venue  to vent their political views..They should have took a cab to JFK Airport and  stand out side with all the professional  protesters ,the agitators ,and the Rabell Rosers.Maybe if they were lucky someone would let them wave the Palestinian or Mexican flag. Every fringe group who hates America were well represented at the JFK.
When I was in buisness I  was tought one important thing..”Never to discuss Politics or Relgion with your custumers “We guess the  shows program Directors & Producers gave them the green light say whatever they wanted.I  have concluded that because there  is a 3 second delay on the shows transmission and they could have been  shut down and gave them the blackout  tratment at any time..they choose not to do that .
We at The Lerman Report.Com sincerely  hope that those celebrities that turned it into a  protest  stay up at night worrying if they will now face the long arm of the IRS  auditing Deptarment.

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SAG Awards 2017 gets political


SAG Awards Winner


Defiant Against Trump’s Immigration Ban


t SAG Awards, protest of


immigration ban takes spotlight


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Madeline Albright Big Phoney

Madeleine Albright – Wikipedia
 Madeline Albright is a first class phoney . She wants to register as a Muslim insolidarity with Muslims over Donald Trumps executive order on restrictive Travel. She should first register as a Jew..She and her family fled Nazi controlled Czechslavkia .. thou her family converted she feined ignorance of her Jewish background untill the press revealed it publicly when she was Secretary of State .She never once showed an once of pride for her true heritage all entire life… but for some bizzare esroteric reasoning in her mind shes now making this stupid jesture.  Let Madeline Albright her ask yourself this question..if the situation was reversed would any Muslims do the same jesture towards Jews?
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Madeleine Albright ‘ready to register as Muslim’ over refugee 



Madeleine Albright: I will ‘register as Muslim



Madeleine Albright Biography (U.S. Secretary of State)


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Press Fanning The Flames of Middle on Middle East Travel Ban Protest.


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         The press is Fueling the fire with their lopsided coverage on the protesting  associated  with the Middle East Travel Ban Restrictions .It almost appears as if they are siding with those protesters and of those restricted from entering our  country. We have witnessed story after story   focusing on how those restricted are facing un do hardships..showing sob stories such as a mother or wife here in America crying that their husband can’t enter the U.S.for one reason or another while totally ignoring the reason for this travel  ban . The press continues taping   for the evening news showing only the grieving upset family members and  not  once showing any one who aggres with this ban.
Let us say this that  a non citizen doesn’t enjoy the same rights that our Constitution righs accorded  to those who are citizens .The non citizen  have no constitutional right to enter our nation .We  see prominent politicians pandering for future votes while totally ignoring their constitutes acceptance  this ban.
What the press should be doing is puting a lid on this  coverage by giving it the blackout treatment … maybe some Federal Judge can put a gag order banning further T.V. coverage  as all its succeeding to do is further  steam up The Rabal  Rosers and Professional  Trouble Makers.  We already seen the Palestinian flag and the  Mexican flag prominent being waved at each & every rally. These  rallys and their  protesters are not spontaneous but well organized by those who hate our  American way of life.. Bottom line let the  State Department should  include Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf  states  on this ban as well .We have one departing  footnote to this post….There are 22 Arab nations comprising an area the size of the continental U.S . why don’t  their brother Arabs take them in ? Why is in encomvant plus any obligation on the  U.S.to shoulder any responsibility for  these refuges ?
Transportation nightmare at JFK after cabbies join protest
Protesters decry Trump’s immigration policies
Protest Erupts at JFK Airport



Excuse Me ..Would you like a Bag with Your Purchase?

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    How many times have you went to a retail store and purchased only one item and the cashier says to you..”Do you want a bag with your purchase”?  This has become a common occurrence to Mr & Mrs  shopper .    Listen make no mistake about this policy the workers are instructed  to do this by their bosses.   I think this is a deplorable policy..Do they expect someone to exit the store perhaps located in a strip mall without a bag & walk into another shop?    How about if you buy a very personal item such as a box of Sanitary Napkins, Adult Diapers or Condoms and exit the store holding it in clear site that every shmuck and his brother can see it…they don’t care one ioda.
    I was in retail business in the 1970’s and  I never let the customer bag their own groceries . In those days the Supermarkets trained the public to do it themselves how do like the way  the fast food chains trained the public to bus their own  tables…or pumping your own Gas. Like I said I never had  any of my customers leave without their purchases bagged . Remember when the  stores used paper  bags it was very costly for them..it was practically the same cost as the store rent.Today plastic bags are  very inexpensive . .Please do not make a fool out your customers  by letting them exit your store caring an unbagged item like  a putz.


Non Entry Into U.S. From Certain Middle East Countries Creating Major Tie Ups at U.S.Ports of Entry…

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“Let Me InLight Orchid

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   The tie ups and fiasco at the U.S. Airports  could have been avoided had the incoming travelers  from those for mentioned  Countries heeded our State Departments admonition concerning  the new  enrty restrictions. We’re pretty sure that they had to be aware of this restriction  well before they booked their flight.. and we would bet our bottom dollar that the airline back in their country of departure made  this known to them  .We’re surprised that the airlines let them board the plane in the first place..Probably let them board  if they didn’t then the passengers would most  likely  cash in their tickets and the  airline  would make zero  profit.
This massive tie up could have been easily  avoided and eliminated by simply having our  State Department instructed the FCC and let them take  care it  by telling the  airline carrier that brings these passengers into our port of entry that they risk loosing all landing privileges into the U.S. if they refuse to abide by our rules.
Maybe someone can enlighten us….what if a former Iraqi National a Muslim that has settled in some E.U.Nation and is now traveling to the U.S.with a legitimate French Passport are they detained ,sent back  or vetted  ? Did the State Department ever take in consideration that  somehow this rule  can be circumvented?
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Nassau County OTB…Shut Them Down

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     Lets shut down and eliminate each & every OTB beating parlor County wide . Why you ask ? Because its nothing but a cash cow politicaly conected people thats why.While the lines place bets are from here to next week and their doing a Land Office Buisness the does the County really  benifit from OTB ?..A while back Town of Hempstead Supervisor Mondello left that position and moved on to OTB president..The next Town of Hempstead Presiding Supervisor  Peterson did the same .  Another Pension perhaps?  A bigger salary ? . .Its got to come under some sort of independent review and shut down permanently… Plus they are consitanly looking to open up OTB casino  style betting facilaties which the homeowners are always against..and guess what ? they dont care..
Nassau G.O.P. Party Chief To Be Head of County OTBLight Orchid
In Nassau, County Officials Play Musical Chairs to a G.O.P. TuneLight Orchid
EDITORIAL: A questionable bet on Nassau OTB Light Orchid |


Stop Increase on The L.I.R.R…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


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      Stop the fare hike on the L.I.R.R. What is Long Island getting from the State of New York..along with New York hefty fair increase  on the Rail Road a few years ago ?  Anwser….Nothing…  Now they want more.. . .What in God’s name is going on ? The MTA is out of line big time.. The L.I.R.R is the lifeline for the suburban commuter If anything TheRail Road should recieve a subsidy  not an increase from the MTA.
Nassau and Suffolk County alongs with N.Y.C. pays practicaly everything into the State Coffers from The bulk of the Taxes to  The Lotto  Revenue …While N.Y.C  gets  whatever it wants & asks for from the State …Nassau and Suffolk County remains the Step Child of New York State . Is there no end to this nightmare of increases?  Governor Coumo along with getting Long Islanders PSC&G as our Power Supplier which is raking  the ratepayers unmercifully over the hot coals he is not doing enough to end the stop increase in Long island School taxes…Why should Nassau and Suffolk voters even think of supporting him if he ever has assperations  to run for national office ?
MTA: Some LIRR fares to increase 6% in 2017Light Orchid
Nearly 4% LIRR Fare Hike Proposed by MTALight Orchid
TA Looks to Increase Cost of LIRR TicketsLight Orchid



Panera Breads Clean Menu.. . Bovine Manure


 Panera Bread is doing a Multi Millian Dollar commercial media blitz a Campaign to Push their”Clean Menu” Well I purchase a bagel which was accompianed with an individual  packet of an cream cheese which I photographed and I posted it right here..Well you be the judge.. Related image

 What Does “Eating Clean” Mean? – Panera Bread

Panera Bread – Clean Ingredients – YouTube/
Panera Bread Makes Another ‘Clean’ Food Promise/


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Hey Mainstream Press..What Ever Happened To The Honeymoon Period For Trump ?



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  President Trump  Singing  Below To The Press

When  A New Incoming  President First Takes Office, He Is Often Given What Is Called A  “Honeymoon” Period For A Few Months
The public As Well As The Media And members of Congress Tend To Give The President The Benefit Of The Doubt And Treat Him Well
Read On:
Whether  You Supported Trump  Or Voted For Trump  There Has Aways Been A Press Tradition To Exstend ! honeymoon Period For The first 100 Days For A New Incoming President….Though Trump  Is Not Getting Any Honeymoon  He Still Geting What Everyone Else Gets When They Go On Their Honeymoon..A F—-ing.
Most of the Democratic party Leadership skipped the inauguration …unpresidented  .. The Lerman Report  are not supporting  or  giving him Carte Blanch on his policies and actions & make no mistake about it… we will continue to either Praise or Knock him & hold his feet to the fire on issues if the situation  warrants it..

What is the Honeymoon period for presidents? 


No honeymo. on period for President-elect Donald Trump

No honeymoon period for the next US President.


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