Why Weren’t These Tunnels Detected In The First Place?

There are over 400 tunnels going from Sinai to Gaza with all sorts of weapons of destruction  from Iran and Russia such as the present missiles being rained downtown Israel. General  El Sisi apparently put an end to Them On His Border
What we now see that what’s  needed is a Bunker Busting bombs carpet bombing style on that area to break up all the tunnels, and its as simple as that  end.Now there are tunnels on the Lebanese  frontier..find them and do what Uncle Sam did in Viet Nam..pump gas into them and light them up.it..Israel will not do that.


.Why doesn’t Israel build a moat around the periphery of Gaza as to foil any terrorist attack that whould in have breached the border thru tunnel.This whould stop them cold. These Tunnels. Are Not On The Level Of The Sand Castles That We all Have Built at the Beach But Highly Sophisticated Work Of The Best Engineering Firms. What Israel now has to find out is what Engineering firms were Involved in their building..If They Were Done By Russian Outlets Then Putin Has To Be Told If It Was Any Where Within The E.U.Then Any Further Aid We Give Then E.U.Must Be Up For Review.


deep-penetrating bombs it had long sought. … The Israelis first requested the bunker busters in 2005, only to be rebuffed … 

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