Is Newt Gingrich Getting Blacked Out By the Media?

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Is Newt Gingrich getting blacked out by the media? If one didn’t know he was in the race  you would think that he droped  out. Why is he not getting the headlines and soundbites anymore, Did the media already decide that  its a 2man race between Santorium and Romney? ‘Who Knows . But We  at the Lerman  Reportsay wait till Super Tueday and see

From An Old Family Recipe From My Aunt Yetta…


      Don Lerman’s Stuffed                       Cabbage

Ingredients as Follows…..
2 large cans of redpack crushed tomatoes
1 large can tomatoe sauce Such as Del Monty,Hunts or Redpack
I large box of dark raisins
1 box George Washington rich brown gravy mix
1 small can of accent
1 box Carolina rice
1 lemon
1, box dark brown sugar
3 medium Heads Green C Cabbage
1 golden delicious apple
1 large yellow onion ( same size as apple)
2 eggs
1 1/2 lbs kosher chop meat ( socked and salted skirt neck and diaphram)
Directions to cook as follows…..
1 boil down the cabbage heads and I mean boil them down until soft otherwise it’ll taste like an inner tube
2. grate onion
3. grate apple cans of crushed tomato and sauce and pour in large stock pot
5.put grated apple in stock pot with sauce
6. put grated onion in stock pot with sauce]
7.put box of brown sugar in  (don’t even try to use white cane sugar , brown only)
8.put 2 packet george washingtons rich brown gravy mix in pot
9.shake a little accent in pot
————in a separate pot boil rice”1 cup
10. mix chop meat with 2 eggs in large bowl add cooked rice ( let rice cool otherwise eggs in chop meat will curdle)
11. cabbage ( cut away vein ) cool under cold water for a minute
12. put leaves on table and add meat mixture.. roll up!
13.put rolled leave sin center of pot with sauce mixture
13 put on medium heat for 3 hrs
14 at very end add juice of 1 lemon( do not add before or it will be to sour)
–sometimes it doesn’t have ”the taste ” until the next day when it cures overnight in the fridge that’s the nature of stuffed cabbage don’t worry
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Man Has Heart Attack at Heart A Grill in Las Vegas.

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LAS VEGAS — Menu warnings nearly proved true for a man at a downtown Las Vegas restaurant that offers “Bypass” burgers, “Flatliner” fries and free meals to people over 350 pounds.
Amateur video shows a man being wheeled out of the Heart Attack Grill on a stretcher after a medical episode that restaurant employees say looked like, well, a heart attack.
Eatery owner Jon Basso tells KVVU-TV FOX5 ( ) he thought it was a joke when a waitress told him a customer eating a Triple Bypass burger was sweating and shaking.
A Las Vegas fire spokesman tells The Associated Press paramedics were summoned Saturday evening and a man was indeed hospitalized.
Basso says he heard the man is recuperating. His name and the medical condition he suffered weren’t released.

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Don Lerman Weight Progress Report


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  Hello Fans I’ve lost 65lbs since Rosh Hadshana  in mid September of this year I went from279 to 215, I was diagnosed with an under active Thyroid condition , I always suspected that I had  thyroid trouble  when I gained 100lbs in 3months a went from a svelte 142lbs to 245 very quickly  3 months . I had shaved off my Beard an it grew back spotted and patchy , my Doctor said hats a thyroid condition , he was right. my goal is to be 175 by mid April and back to 142lbs by July fourth,,, Don Lerman*

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hurricane wings

For Nassau County N.Y, Residents …NUMC Should be Closed Down & Made Into Luxury Apartment Complex





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Al Jolson – Brother can you spare a Dime 

..NUMC Should be Closed Down & Made Into Luxury Apartment Complex, At one time NUMC was supposed to service the poor  and the community. it may do that now ,but rather poorly at  best. WE at Nassau County & East Meadow deserve better than a teaching hospital. If they wanted to open a teaching hospital they should have put it in a third world country not in a middle  class setting where it would be accepted and greatly needed as any  medical treatment , Does anyone know exactly how many wards  and floors are closed now? WHY was the parking lot made into a storage facilely for new cars ? What we at East Meadow need is  a tax paying entity a” luxury Apartment   complex” fitting the surrounding community.  The county should retake the hospital back  from this  group an sell it to a builder  for the sole purpose of converting it into a” luxury apartment complex” and a taxpayer for East meadow .end