When Push Comes To Shove Arab Signatories Of Abraham Accords Will Side With Brother Palestinian Arabs

 White House Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony (Source C-SPAN).
Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony at the White House

The crux of the Arab Israeli comflict was not The U.S.S.R invention of the Plo .It always was the 22 Arab nations at lodge refusal to take in their Brother Arabs..After Israeli’s independence Israel took in every Jew fleeing  persecution  who wanted to find a safe haven in Israel.The complete opposite of the leaders of the 22 Arab nations.That and that alone is the crux of the Palestinian Arab Israeli’ promlem.Right now Israel is tiptoeing walking on eggs as not to come on to vigorous and strong in dealing with jihadists looking to perform mayhem &  insurection.Israeli leadershio knows that all to well.

The next war there will be many fronts for Israel to contend with..

Jordan.Palestinian sector ..Gaza and exspect air support from Turkey.

Once enemy Insurgents have entered Israeli soil ..game over for a Jewish State.We would venture to say that only alternative that Israel woud be to proform saturated carpet bombimg on each border as enemy troops line up.Like we said in our title ever Arab nation will line up behind their Brother Palestinians.Thi l about that for a second….in amost every Nation that signed on to Abraham accordes still wont play against an Israeli at a chess tournament.

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