Anti Semitism Runs Rampant.. Take a Look at the New Democratic Party..

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Thomas Lopez with President Obama

  Warning Some People may find this offensive

*Hitlers Voice Posted  Because This is What Lopez’s Speech is Paramount To. 
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It has become open season to crap on Jews and Israel all the way from The U.N. to the E.U. right up to the American Universities and all over the U.S.A… This is the New Liberal Lefts Politically Correct Agenda.. Sad to say as far as they are concerned the old saying  “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”  no longer seems to apply to Jewish people.

Where is the outcry from the Leading Jewish Politicians and Office Holders  . The saddest thing of all is that all these Jewish liberals will run like a thief to cast their vote and pull the lever for this creep and other Jew Haters like him. Wake up fellow Jews the Democratic party of your dear old departed Bubie and JFK no longer exists.


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The Foolishness of Buying and Wearing Clothing With your Favorite Products Name on it.

How many of us buy Tee Shirt or Caps with your favorite Soda Companies or Cigarettes name on it. While I don’t mind wearing a shirt or Jersey with a professional Athletes name  or Teams name on it to sort of root then on on their sport event… I simply refuse to buy lets  say for example a ” Coca-Cola or Marlboro Tee-shirt to brag that I use their product.
I see people sporting soft drink makers Tee-shirt ‘s” along with other license clothing gear all the  time. They should pay us to give them free advertising and we have buy the shirt to boot. People that wear these labeled clothing are proud to wear them.. They wear them like a badge of honor  as if it was  something of the nature of The  Congressional Medal of Honor.. Guess what.. Its not.


The Lerman Report Staff

Fortune Tellers, Psychics And Mediums Let’s Put The Padlock on Their Shops For Good…

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        Fortune Tellers, Psychics And Mediums for once and for all the law must crack down in these charlatans.. Don’t fall for their  charade it’s as Phoney  as can be its remains nothing but a scam…

 No one can read minds or predict the future.. If anyone could they would have a leg up from winning the lottery, numbers and all the way to the stock market. To circumvent the law they have resorted to calling themselves  “Readers” or ‘Advisors”….. 
It’s a parlor trick as old as the hills.. There are a few things that they imply and I’ll briefly run you through it.First when a fellow  office worker sets up the entire work crew for a private reading after hours.. That person is tipping of the Psychic as who lives in your house. Who just died, who just given birth etc. etc.  Then when the Phycics‎ first sees you  they already know your statistics of your  background..
Second there is the ” Cold Reading”… These so called fortune-tellers look at every expression, your composure, they focus on every crease in your face.. Its only logical that someone in their late 30’s or early 40’s most probably had a grandparent who just passed on.. They will make a statement such as I see large dog or I someone in coveralls .. and wait to see how you respond. If you say I have no dog or do not know any one should wears coveralls they will always have a retort ready to respond to you & then back out of that statement.
  • Third… Hypnotism for instance  let’s say  that your at coffeehouse, now your not really eavesdropping on the couple at the next table, however  it is a public place and you help  over hearing their conversation . They have just  softened you up and primed you to be put in deep hypnosis. They have their cell phone ring.. When they see you respond to the ring then they know you’ve been listening.. it is at that point all they have to do is walk by you and touch a pressure point in your neck or shake your hand.. And boom you’re out like a light ..
  • Then they can fire away & in rapid succession ask you scores of questions. In just one short minute they can extract a cornucopia of  your personal data including such valuable information such as your Social Security number ,your Drivers licence Identification and Number and your bank ATM PIN number. So make sure that your not alone with any Psychic not  even for a second.   Then you’ll say” Wow she knew about certain details in my life that only I knew”!  Years ago they would say something like there is a curse on you and I need I need 3,000 to brake the spell.
  • Today none of that’s no longer necessary like I mentioned before because they can pick your brains  and get all for all of your private information and  run to your bank and turn  you into an instant pauper.
  • Lastly and finally we all see these ‘Psychics’ on TV commercials, the people that you see praising the so called Psychics ability to for tell both your future and be all knowing about your past  incidents .. They are payed actors who are compensated for their endorsement nothing more..
  • So steer clear.. If you still believe their line of bull then I have a  Bridge too sell you in Brooklyn…and if you think I’m joking in the words of Jack Parr “I kid you not”!

The Problem With Health Insurance is The Insurance Companies, Big Pharma Plus All The Health Providers Greed.

The  Health Care Paying Receipiant      


Neither changing Obama care with a revamped Trump Care is going to fix the Nations health care problem..
  The Problem lies squarely with both the Insurance companies and Big Pharmaceutical concerns plus and health care providers Greed.  First off the insurance industry must be reined in as they are out of  control and that goes for the Pharmaceutical companies as well they are more powerful than the oil cartel. For much to long these two entities have been the problem not the solution.Both the Insurance industry and Big Pharma are consistently lobbying Washington as well as every State legislator to pass laws so they can basically can run amuck with everything on their wish list giving them Carte blanch to rake the American people over the hot  coals.
The Hospitals and Doctors(our health care providers) are no different.. The first thing that they ask you when you arrive at the Emergency Room at any hospital is for your insurance card and you can be bleeding out ..Our health is not even secondary….  it’s meaningless, the ER and every other place we’re we all go for medical care We are just a vehicle a means for them to make a living and nothing more… The days of the caring  “Marcus Wellby” type Doctors  are long gone & the frantic hospital staff pushing &  racing with a crash cart in the ER is only fiction that you see on T.V.  Do not delude yourself that anyone working there  cares for anything other than their pay check.. Compassion for human suffering? .. Well we’ll have to leave that to our family members and friends because you ain’t gonna get that at any health treatment facility your no different than a piece of meat at the butcher shop.
         A $100 for an aspirin is just the classic example of their  callus Greed as it continues to go on unabated and  unchecked.
When you complain to a State agency, No one really cares, no worker in the “Complaint Department” wants a bigger work load.. and the Doctor’s, Hospital’s and Insurance Industry knows that all too well.. and are laughing all the way to the bank. Untill Congress looks at the real culprit of this health care  fiasco..Nothing going to change


The Mystique of Certain Eateries..

          There are certain eateries that due to massive bombardment of commercials they enjoy an aura of Mystique not deserved not by a long shot.. We believe the overall quality of the stuff that they sell is nothing to write home about and yet the public is basically breaking down the doors to give them their business…For this post  we will only name 3 places today in order to speed the read..
 In our opinion 711 their cooked  food is no better than dollar store fare, and their other products that they carry is way over priced, yet you have to wait for a parking space.. McDonald’s “The king of Advertising” They raise and process their own meat but their food remains substandard as far as we’re concerned. Olive Garden another place you heave to wait not only for a parking spot but a table as well. Dunking Donuts another place.. Their donut once the lynch pin of their operation now seems secondary as their donuts appear smaller & lighter in weight plus not as tasty as years past.. But I’d go to Wall Street & buy their stock in a second . All of these joints do more business than they did ever before.. It’s almost as if the public under went some sort of mass hypnosis. You want to throw your money away?  Instead of spending it at these places .. Take your money over to your toilet and flush its quicker.. It”s easier… bottom line either you’ll never see your  hard earned money again …

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Beware of The Phantom Doctor Bill$

      Listen folks beware of the phantom Doctor bill.. It happens each and every time any patient stop seeing a particular Doctor. What most office staff billing managers  do is  (and most of the Doctors do it)  is they mail out a bill to you  for services months back they claim I that you failed to pay.. . You can check your bank statements and you’ll find it was not paid..The reason that it will never appear on any  of  your debit and credit cards and that the money was  not remitted to the Doctor’s office is because you were never there on that day. What are we to do?   Most of not all Doctors offices and clinics either buzz you in upon payment or buzz you out after you payed for your visit.. We all know it a bogus bill sent to us. However how  can anyone prove that they never received service on that day in question? If you refuse to pay they will refer it to a recovery firm (collection agency), and if you fail to pay they will ruin your credit.What a few slick Doctors office pulls is they know that you paid the bill let’s say for augment sake November 20th of this year .. Several months later they will send you a fresh bill. For a specific amount of money.You’l say to the Cashier that’s you paid that dates bill.They continue to  say no it wasn’t paid by you.Yes it was never paid only because it contains same visit but now has newly added procedures that were never actually not  different but merely renamed to appear as new functional  preformed on the day of your last visit


  This is a common practice employed by nearly all doctors offices and clinics.. It is tantamount to Hi Way Robbery.. All I can say is document your visit some how.. mark it on a calendar and and take a picture of it with your cell phone.. Have someone always accompany you to the Doctor’s office as a means to  cooperate your visits.. demand to see your chart for that claimed visit (thou that can falsified and rewritten to bolster their claim) .. Better yet tell the Doctors office that you were out of state on that day.. Scare them by saying you can document it with your airline ticket and tell them in the strongest language that if they put it through your insurance company not only is it falsifying a state record but fraud a class “D”  felony…that will put the fear of God on them… What’s the matter the Doctors today don’t make enough money they have resort to this?

When Big Food Manufacturers Take Over and Produce Old Beloved Products



  I’m a pretty decent cook, but sometimes like everyone else I’m looking for a short cut and I consider a good canned product to be just what I need. Once a big manufacturer purchases another company’s product.. The magic from that food product disapears for good.. I  was a big fan of  B & M Baked Beans about 20 odd years back.. When I noticed it  didnt taste the same as before.. I read the ingredient label and instead of saying  brown sugar it listed cane sugar and molasses. (the 2 ingredients for making brown sugar)  It also no longer had the small peice of salt pork placed inside each jar or can. I phoned the contact number on the can was informed that the company was sold to another outfit. Same with Rolling Rock beer.. I first drank Rolling Rock when I was in the service, it came in small 6 or 8oz.bottles this was (Circa 1969) It was unique amoung the tastes of other American beers on the market.   AnheuserBush of Budweiser fame took it over.. Not Same anymore.. Hence I will never buy anymore. Sometimes a big  national outfit buys a smaller local  canned product just to scrap it and aquire it supermarket shelf space .There is a plethora of canned products that I could name but for the purpose of keeping this post moving I’ll just mention a few inorder for the readers to get the jist of my thought on this matter.  What can we except today when the todays consumers   by in large  loves McDonald’s  Domino’s Pizza and Olive Garden.. Heaven help us!Related image
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