Hospital Empty Floors. Whats Really In There?

Let Us State Emphatically Right Now That Neither Myself Our Editorial Staff or Staff Itself Or Our Proxy’s Have Never  Witnessed  What Is On Those Floors..That’s Our Story and That’s Is What We Are Sticking To.


Hospital Empty Floors. What’s Really In There?Remember that Seinfeld Episode When Kramer Spots A Pig Man In One If The Rooms?

Well Brace Yourself..Have A Seat..Take A Shot Of Scotch As Of What We Are About out of To Reveal.


If You Ask About Empty  Floors With No Elevator or Stairwell Access You Most Probably Be Told That They Are Electrical ..Let Us At The Lerman Report  Clue Everyone What We Believe Is what actually Is Occurring.


There Are Rumours That Babies Born With One Center Eye Are More Common Place Than We Have Been Led To Believe..and they can have as much longevity As Anyone Else..These Poor Souls Can Not Survive The Tounts And Stares Of The insensitive General Public So Here Is Their Forever home.There are also a. Cornucopias of assorted deformed people.These poor souls  must be housed behind closed doors as they to would also be stared at and put on a level of a walking freak show.Them along with one middle eyed folk must live a cloistete life on empty hospital floors forever.

*Warning Some People May Find Seeing This Objectionable 

Tragic ‘cyclops’ baby born with one eye after mum was ‘exposed to mercury ..

Amnesia  Victims..Most Folks Watch Plenty Of T.V.And We See What  The Producers Try To Convey  To Us Of What Its Like To Loose  Your Memory..
When You Have Some Sort Of Tramatic Brain  Truma You Just Dont Remember Who You Are ..But Become As Mentaly Like A Baby Once Again. These Amnesia  Victims Must Start Life All Over Except That They Are In An Adult  Body..Diapers ..They Must Start Over & Learn To Walk And Talk And Everything Else  Once Again..This Takes A lifetime.
Accident Victims From Automobile crashes To People  Who Plunge From 30 Story Buildings..Yes Many Survive But Live Life As A Crippled  Pretzel So To Speak way Beyond A Regular  Quaduplegic.


These Floors Are Trusted To Nursing And Other Medical Staff Who Understand  ls The Meaning Of Mums The Word..Now You Know What May Be Going  On In All These High Rise Hospitals  With Closed Floors.


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Don’t Let The Politicaly Correct Police Take Columbus Day Off Of Our Calender..

   We decided to publish this post a bit early than usuall because there  is a movement underway do undermind the Present Holiday of Columbus day and replace it with an American Indian or Latin American Holiday in it’s place.This issue has a now morphed into



Let us ask every Politician today….Doesn’t the feelings and sensitivity of all those American’s of Euroupean exstraction count anymore ?

Actor Robert Davi On keeping Cumbumbus Statues

Every one who immigrated to the U.S.A. knew about this Holiday before they came to settle here..This is the American Standard.Columbus day will stay.

*All commenting covering  this  post will suspended by The Blog Administrator

Columbus discovered the New World.The Turks had just taken over Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul..They also blocked the trade route making  spices unavailable..He had intended orginally to find an alternative route bypassing  the  then Turkish blockcade.We that are from Euroupean background honor Columbus for opening up the “New World “for us.
 1.It  remains a great source of pride for Italian American’s  for thier contribution to  America with Parades & Street Festivals that take all place on Columbus day as well as for all American’s going back hundreds of  years .Yes all American’s would honor  Christopher Columbus on his day of birth.
2.Jews also honor Columbus as one of thier own.It is widely believed that his name in Spain was Christopher Colon..He is believed that he was a Marrano (Slang fort the new convero’s )  a name derived from  pork used to discribe those who would litterly eat pork in the streets to sort of prove that they are no longer a follower of thier old Jewish faith.Columbus hailed from Geneo a city that at that time frame was well known for the settling  of Sephardic Jews escaping the Spanish Inquistion.Columbus is said to have spoken very good Castillion Spanish but  did not speak well Italian..the debate on this continues to this day.. However We will say this loud and clear..We want Columbus Day to Stay!

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The Lerman Report Staff


Will N.Y. Governor Coumo March In This Years Columbus Day Parade?

             Click On Video Below


    We at The Lerman Report are going to republish this story a bit early. .
Being the new Political climate we are wondering if The Governor will march in this  years Columbus day parade or skip it.
Will he capitulate to the new left and side with the new lefts mantra of Columbus was an enslaver & murder.Will he march in the indigenous Native American Indian parade playing both ends to the middle?
     Will he ignore the rants of the nouvelle politically correct crowd and proudly march once again in the Columbus Day parade as  he did last year? Will he try to bring the Party back to Center.
We are witnessing Governor Andrew Coumo’s campaign T.V.spots it shows among others for a lack of a better word in his crowd or supporters featuring a Woman wearing the Hijab. Jewish voters are being disenfranchised from the Democrat Party.

Actor Robert Davi On Columbus keeping  Statues

With the brash of candidate’s such as … Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .. Thomas Lopez-Pierre and the constant socialist rantings of Bernie Sanders all who are Pro Palestinian..This image then  becomes troublesome for Jewish voters.
We at the Lerman Report question the wisdom of his campaign to include and obvious Hijab weaning Muslim Woman in his commercial. Yes the Democrat party should be one of Inclusive of all..However the reality of the situation is  quite different.What is playing out in the Middle East with Israel and it’s adversaries and to include this in his  T.V. commercial  is turning off Jewish Voters big time.
Here is a clip of the New Darling of The Democrat Party Pro Palestinian Anti Israel Linda Sarsour

The optics  alone in Governor Coumo’s T.V. clip of “Inclusion”  is not a good one if he intends on having any Jewish support on Election Day.
It paints another picture of perhaps where he now stands Vis-à-vis  Israel vs. the Palestinians ..
Do you want Jewish Support = Jewish voters or Muslim Support= Muslim voters?.In todays volatile situation in the Mid East you have to take a can’t straddle the fence & have both
From the surveys that we saw when asked to most Muslims “Does Israel have aright to exists and does Israel have  the right to defend itself” The answer every time with everyone asked is a loud and resolving “NO”..

We all know of his Presidential ambitions.So what will he do? So what will candidate Coumo do? Get in step with the new Democrat crowd to garner more votes?
Jewish voters do not feel comfortable with this new Democrat Party’s stance..Will he break ranks and do right thing by Marching up 5th Ave.on Columbus Day? Only time will tell.
Italian-Americans fight movement to abolish Columbus DayImage result for hand pointing picture
Gov. Cuomo says there will always be a NYC Christopher Columbus …Image result for hand pointing picture
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Supermarkets Making Out Like Bandits

Since the quarantine Supermarkets gave ceased to put out and run any sales. Everything sold in their outlets are way over priced.We as consumer’s no longer have the luxury to pick  & choose certain brands.Like the menu at Buffet Restura we must take what they give yes whether we like it or not.
Everyone gas to eat and wipe the rear end so they continue to gauge the public.They bend the public over the a shopping carts and gjve them a good
I was in a few retail outlets that sell T V’s . TV that before Corona  Quarantine which sold first $675 now sell for $875  .
In essence they want the public to foot the bill because of amy quarantine loses concured during this fiasco.
When this Covid19 is over We suggest that the public boycott just one supermarket  chain in their vicinity..
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The Lerman Report Staff.


The Future If The Quarantine Last Much Longer..

Moses Lerman’s Prediction For The Future

If the quarantine last 6 months or or this is going to be rude awakening for America.Once landlords don’t get the rent for their stores then exspect them to longer maintance the strip mall properties as done before.In order to cut costs be prepare to see overgrown grass &/weeds not pulled out boarded up shut.The new tenants will pay much Lower rents but the quality of this shops will declined. We will see flea market caliber merchandise  what once top quality shops the likes that will Be a thing of past.
Neighborhood realestate price will pumel downward & realestate will be a cornacopua of budget priced houses will that will sell for a fraction of market value as they once were.The middle class will  evaporate and suddenly disappear and America will  eventually join third world nation status of having the very Rich and The Very Poor only.
Large Corporations will purchase large amounts of real estate  all throughout the nation and the top Fortune five hundred corporations  will eventually control all buisness.
We  must end this quarantine as quick as possible.Scientists and Medical Experts must graph improvement in air quality and the lessening Covid 19 patients as staistical fatal comes forth.
If this not done toot sweet we will sink into an abiss of some slum like condition that looks more at place in Calcutta or Singapore after a tsuname where people rummage through the Garbage dumps for  food for & other stufff.
We can not allow our to becomes this.
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The Lerman Report Staff.

The Lerman Report Pays Tribute To A Great Actor Kirk Douglass 1916-2020


Kirk Douglass born Issur Danielovitch Demsky was a great actor and even a greater person.

He made 52 movies every one a classic.

The last two decades he suffered with the effects of a major stroke but it didn’t stop him from enjoying life.

We may never see the likes of actors such as him again.

R.I.P. Kirk Douglas ..Moses Lerman.


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What Killed Vinyl Records

My Personal Record Collection”800″LP’s’

Compact Discs did not kill Vinyl Records.What the Death Knell to Vinyl was the end of an easy home recording medium or cassette recorders..
I got believe in my heart of hearts that the lack of available cassette tapes eventually did vinyl in.
A vinyl record is for the most only12- 15 minutes  per side however with  recorded cassette you can get anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 if an hour per side get the picture?

I like most people seldom listened to whole albums but made mix tapes.In other words one song from this album another from that album and made deluxe mix tapes.When no recording medium was available anymore that took life away from Vinyl Records to survive any longer.

As far as CD’s went it hurt but it was not the reason for their Demise.
Bringing back Vinyl without a home recordings medium is totally useless.
I gave collection away to a few nursing homes in the hope that others will get to get to enjoy my record albums as much as I did.

Never Sell Your Old LP Record Collection For Peanuts..


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Buy Early Avoid Lack Of Quality Control At Holiday Season Time

‍ Holiday season will be upon us soon.

So We urge all of our readers to buy early before Thanksgiving maybe you already did your Christmas, Chanucka & Kwanza shopping this summer.If you did than your smart.

I’ll tell you why..Every company either the manufacturer or distributor maintains some sort of Quality Control Department.I know what I’m about to tell you to be a fact in the manufacturing industry..I worked many years for a distributor of Electronic Equipment (For the purpose of this story  name of the company that worked for I shall withhold for legal purposes of this story)

Every item underwent a strict strengent qualify control  Nothing left the Warehouse if it pass muster from the quality control Dept . However come Holiday Season when orders are very large .. everything went out even those units that failed to meet acceptable standards of the Quality Control Dept.Hence the consumer wound up buying VA defective product.This practice is both  common place and wide spread in all industries. Pants manufacturers may be swamped with both orders for let’s say 38 waist trousers..they will relable 34 trousers with 38 in waistline tages .. rendering them useless to a buyer who bought them in good faith and had to return them.

I know your saying right now”why didn’t they just try them on first”. because many store don’t have dressing rooms such a the big discount wholesale outlets ,plus they bought as a gift.

So we urge every shpper try to buy your Christmas Chanucka and Kwanza gifts very early as to get ripped off and dipped by the industry.


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Tip Of The Day”Bring a Plastic Bag Into the Toilet When You Do No.2″


I was in a Taco Bell  doing my duty in the rest room.. When I smelled the Tacos cooking from behind the wall in the kitchen which was in the next room…
I told the manager  listen if I can smell the food cooking in the Bathroom from behind the walls than you can smell the crap from the rest room  in your kitchen. He Laughed  and said “SO” and thought it was funny..well it’s not.

Have you ever went to a restaurant and when you got home smelled the style of food on your shirt?

That’s exactly the point..if you can enjoy a meal and the food smell transfers onto  your be shirt..then what about the crap smell as you Depart the toilet after you take a dump?

The Solution is a simple one . Before you sit on the pot take your shirt off and place it int a Plastic bag..When your done wipping take your shirt out of the bag  and put it back on.

Another Great Tip Of The Day Below:

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