Concerning Jeremy Corbyn

Concerning Corbyn:
A good friend of mine who is a prominent Psychiatrist who maintains an upscale practice in Manhattan in addition is an adjunct Professor in leading Ivy League school in Psychiatric studies once told me that when someone lashes out unprovoked against verbally and knocks a particular person or group ..they are usually suffering from.some kind of inadequacy issue..such as a grown man with a rather small penis or also as a man having little or no facial hair like just like a woman..though I’m not accusing him of the above..However  any number of Shrinks would have a genuine field day analyzing him on their chaise lounge.
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Messonic Jewery Their True Goal

While I’m all for everyone to be free to practice third own faith however
Massonic Jews is a fraudulent organization.
Their true goal is to proselytize mainstream Jews to Christianity and nothing more.
It remains just a very cleverly packaged way to perform their missionary work which is aimed at Jews.
In nearly every member in their congregation unit was never Jewish before they started to attended this particular congregation.
In addition before that they attended this  for a lack of a better word their “Synagogue”
each member was a regular Church goer at another Christian Church including the Rabbi. They pepper each unit with former Jews to make it look legit but don’t be fooled their only goal is to seek out and convert mainstream Jews to Christianity and nothing .Fellow Jews from all other Streams of Judaism Beware!


New Liberals Turned Into A Radical Unpromising Bunch Of Haters


Todays new Liberal shares absolutely nothing with those of the past. They have become a bigoted hater par excellence.

In trying to be fair and do the right thing our elected officials gave away the store and created a monster.These new radical energised liberals who became beneficiaries to the giveaways.l no longer care one iota about anyone opinion that fails to go longer 100% with their bizzare one sided agenda..


We now see BLM and their cohorts Anifa Leaders supporting the violence and looting.They say its payback for the ills of society and the straws that they drew in the overall picture that followed their ancestors lot  as slaves.They make no apologies an attempt to quell the rioting looters but just there stand on the side lines as a cheerleader fanning the flames as business’s burn down to the ground with every item looted and what can’t be carried away or gets graffitied up or smashed up.Thus is what happened when you give on group special status such as Affirmative action to one group by taking away any sacrificing  another group.Now yiu can no longer put the Genie back in the bottle.

Now anytime a group is dissatisfied with something a thet gave to do is threaten to riot and burn down the city.That is paramount  to 0% input and 100%% capitulation.

The Mayors and Governors should never tie the Police hands behind their backs by ordering them to stand down during a riot..See the new finished products of the bleeding heart liberal.

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It’s A Shame That People Are Complaining That Gal Godot Will Get The Nod To Be Cast As Cleopatra

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The Complaining that Gal Godot Who Is An Israeli Jewish Actress slated to star as Cleopatra is Anti Semitism at its worse.
To Make Her Or Any Actress Under Go A Litmus Test And Put The Heritage On Their Line Is Way Beyond The Pale Of Decency.
Arabs are making A Lot Noise That The Part Should Go To An Arab of Egyptian Decent. First of all Cleopatra was not Egyptian but Macedonian Greek.
Alexander The Great leaving no airs the lands that he conquered were divided up to his Generals. or Diachi .

In Egypt the Ptolomy line in Assuria It Became The Greek Seleucid Empire.
Besides Cleopatra Was A Big Whoa (Whore) Nafkah Since She Didn’t Marry Julius Ceaser She merely Had A Baby With Him …She Did The Exact Same Exact Thing With Herod.The Idea Of Marriage Was Not An Ancient Practices But Just Having A Child Conceived By A Neighboring Ruler Was  Business As Usual Back Then.
Now Arabs are complaining left & Right That The Part Should Go To An Arab And Creating A False History Which They Do Best Are that Cleopatra’ Mother Was A Berber.
 Cleopatra was 100% Greek Background..Pre Christian Greeks Had No Compunction if They Married A Sibling.
We Will Tell You This To Bring Up Gal Godot’s Ashkenazic Background On The Carpet Is Way Out Of Line.Even If She Was100%”European Without Any Jewish Lineage Still Would Be Way Off Base.
We Believe That Any Claim That Cleopatra’s Mother Was Of Arab Background  Is Merely A Story Teller’s Way Of Spinning Line Of B.S.
 Charlton Heston Played A Fabulous Moses.He Was Not Jewish And That Fact Was Never An Issue.
We Sincerely Hope That The Production Company Does Not Capitulate Any Of These Mal Contents And Replaces Her With Any Other Star.
 Bottom line is this If You Find Fault With Gal Godot Playing Cleopatra Then Steer Clear Of Any And All Movie Theaters.There Will Be More Popcorn For Everyone Else.
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Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough

Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough..What should have did on day one of his Presidency is immediately give out pink slips to every Democrat Political appointee.. This Is The Crux Of Why Federal Agency’s Did Not Back Him Up With The Irregularities In The Election. 
When We say everyone we mean. every both Upper Echelon. Mid level and low level appointees Gone are days when a President can fire an entire department like Ronald Reagan dod with the sticking  king air traffic controllers..Everyone today has some sort of political connection fro the top man down to the janitor at each perspective agency departments.Each Administration Lets the the top and mid echelon stay around to get more time in for their pensions.Even the lowly custodian if they don’t know a politician get wait listed and die ln their civil service list.While Trump should have fired all appointees both Republican and Democrat what he left unscathed is a cornucopia of non Trump Supporters.


Trump should have gone in like Gang Busters Democrat and Fire all former appointed personnel .Just look at the Justice Dept and the. F.B.I.Comey debacle .His axe have a also fell on. hard on Republican appointees who are incompetent and forget that public service is to serve to public not to give them a job.
Basically little if anything has nothing changed in any of the big Federal Agency’s from the VA all the way up to the Pentagon
Mind you each and everyone serves at the pleasure of the President.
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