Concerning Jeremy Corbyn

Concerning Corbyn
A good friend of ours who is a prominent Psychiatrist who maintains an upscale practice in Manhattan in addition is an adjunct Professor in leading Ivy League school in Psychiatric studies once told us that when someone lashes out unprovoked and verbally and knocks a particular person or group ..they are usually suffering from.some kind of inadequacy issue..such as a grown man with a rather small penis or also as a man having little or no facial hair like just like a woman..though we’re not accusing him of the above..However  any number of Shrinks would have a genuine field day analyzing him on their chaise lounge. 
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Messonic Jewery Their True Goal

While I’m all for everyone to be free to practice third own faith however
Massonic Jews is a fraudulent organization.
Their true goal is to proselytize mainstream Jews to Christianity and nothing more.
It remains just a very cleverly packaged way to perform their missionary work which is aimed at Jews.
In nearly every member in their congregation unit was never Jewish before they started to attended this particular congregation.
In addition before that they attended this  for a lack of a better word their “Synagogue”
each member was a regular Church goer at another Christian Church including the Rabbi. They pepper each unit with former Jews to make it look legit but don’t be fooled their only goal is to seek out and convert mainstream Jews to Christianity and nothing more.Fellow Jews from all other Streams of Judaism Beware!


New Liberals Turned Into A Radical Unpromising Bunch Of Haters

Now anytime a group is dissatisfied with something a thet gave to do is threaten to riot and burn down the city.That is paramount  to 0% input and 100%% capitulation.

Todays new Liberal shares absolutely nothing with those of the past. They have become a bigoted hater par excellence.

In trying to be fair and do the right thing our elected officials gave away the store and created a monster.These new radical energized liberals who became beneficiaries to the giveaways.

We no longer care one iota about anyone opinion that fails to go longer 100% with their bizarre one sided agenda..

We now see BLM and their cohorts Antifa Leaders supporting the violence and looting.They say its payback for the ills of society and the straws that they drew in the overall picture that followed their ancestors lot  as slaves.They make no apologies an attempt to quell the rioting looters but just there stand on the side lines as a cheerleader fanning the flames as business’s burn down to the ground with every item looted and what can’t be carried away or gets graffitied up or smashed up.This is what happened when you give on group special status such as Affirmative action to one group by taking away any sacrificing  another group.Now you can no longer put the Genie back in the bottle.

The Mayors and Governors should never tie the Police hands behind their backs by ordering them to stand down during a riot..See the new finished products of the bleeding heart liberal.

Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough

Trump Didn’t Drain The Swamp Enough..What should have did on day one of his Presidency is immediately give out pink slips to every Democrat Political appointee.. This Is The Crux Of Why Federal Agency’s Did Not Back Him Up With The Irregularities In The Election. 
When We say everyone we mean every both Mid level, Upper Echelon and low level appointees should have been given the axe from day one of his tenure in the white house.
Gone are days when a President can fire an entire department like Ronald Reagan did with the striking  air traffic controllers..Everyone today has some sort of political connection from the top man down to the janitor at each perspective agency departments.Civil Servants If they don’t get a Politician’s push would be wait listed  and never feed t at Uncle Sam’s Through. Each Administration Lets the the top and mid echelon stay around to get more time in for their pensions.Even the lowly custodian if they don’t know a politician get wait listed and die ln their civil service list.
While Trump should have fired all appointees both Republican and Democrat what he left unscathed is a cornucopia of non Trump Supporters.
Trump should have gone in like Gang Busters Democrat and Fire all former appointed personnel .Just look at the Justice Dept and the. F.B.I.Comey debacle .His axe have a also fell on. hard on Republican appointees who are incompetent and forget that public service is to serve to public not to give them a job.


Basically little if anything has nothing changed in any of the big Federal Agency’s from the VA all the way up to the Pentagon
Mind you each and everyone serves at the pleasure of the President.The higher up Republicans in his administration were not loyal to him.
He apparently took very bad advice from someone.His new broom did not sweep clean.Today the mainstream GOP in the we Legislator both houses are ni ty in his corner.same thing will occur again if he’s elected…No loyalty and and constant media hounded till his term is up .
Let the voting public think Ron Desantis..he has the  party members in his corner..Think about What about We Just told you.
International Herold

Jewish Viewers And Supporters Of Israel Boycott Lifetime Channel And Do Not Buy Sponsors Products

T.V. Viewers Should Refrain From Both Watching The Lifetime Channel On Your Cable Service And Not Purchase The Sponsors Products.
Lifetime Has Honored Linda Sarsour Who Is Ardent Israel Hater And Anti Jewish Who Refuses The Disavow The Terrorist Organization Hamas With A Tweet Honoring Her..
Where Has The Value System Eroded To To Support. A Hater Of A Terrorists Oganization..Wherever She Speaks She Spreads Her Brand Of Hatred Telling Her Audience Not To Humanize Jews Which Is The Same Exact Thing That The Nazi’s Told Their Followers.
We Say Let Lifetime Reverse This Action And Apologize To The Jewish Community As Well All Supporters Of Israel And Those  Opposed To Terrorism. Before We Suggest To Once Again Watch Their Programing And Buy Products Advertised On Their Programing.
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Columbus Day Must Remain Stop All This Political Correct Crap

We ‘ve been hearing all this anti Columbus rhetoric for way over 30 years …but now it has reached a  crescendo as the whispers are getting louder among it’s Amen Corner. The new  Politically Correct Police are vigorously pushing and promoting their agenda. I will say this up front that I’m not a bigot or a racist so please I don’t need anyone to preach morality to me .I’ve never uttered or hurled a projarative towards any one of any group even in anger in all my entire life nor have I hindered any groups Progress to rise up rungs of the ladder to obtain the American Dream.This Liberal Political Correct Crap must stop..In trying to push forth thier agenda they steam roll over Everyone elses cultures caring nothing about any feelings or sensitivity other than thier own.
Columbus Day was well in place and celebrated way before any of the politically correct new comers immigrated to this country and decided to call it home.It appears that if any other beliefs don’t fit into your grand scope of your ideology it most must go.That was never the American way. What your doing is stirring up a hornets nest of new reverse discriminstion.If this nonsense continues to escalates pretty soon low life’s such as The KKK and Neo Nazi’s will get into the frey.I hope it never gets to that point because I find those groups the most disgusting of all mankind and how dare all of you and your ilk attempt to place me and others who honor Columbus among them.This was a peaceful nation for the most untill the Politically Correct Police reared thier ugly head creating new issues such as this one.
Columbus Day is a treasured American Holiday for many centuries. When I see these Anti Columbus Crowd looking to tear down statues of Columbus it reminds me of  ISIS smashing ancient Assyrian and Judeo-Christian Artifacts in Palmyra Iraq.
What gets our goat is these Latino Americans knew well in advance of any plans before  deciding to immigrate to America our love ,and  Admiration  for Christopher Columbus & yet they decided  to move here. Then why did they move and lay stakes in a Nation  that had a Columbus  Day  in place already?I would never in a million  years migrate  to the any nation that honored Hitler.Let them now accept  the American  standard.
We find that those who subscribe to Political Correctness never allows for any compromises of their views ..its either thier way or the hi-way. Since all those in the forefront of this Anti Columbus movement respects nobody elses Culture, Heritage or Traditions We at the International Herold can lend absolutely no sympathy whatsoever towards their cause.
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Don’t Let The Politicaly Correct Police Take Columbus Day Off Of Our Calender..

      We decided to publish this post a bit early than usual because there  is a movement underway do undermined the Present Holiday of Columbus day and replace it with an American Indian or Latin American Holiday in it’s place.This issue has a now morphed into battle cry 

 We will ask every Politician today….Doesn’t the feelings and sensitivity of all those American’s of European extraction count anymore 

Every one who immigrated to the U.S.A. knew about this Holiday before they came to settle here..This is the American Standard.Columbus day will stay.
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Columbus discovered the New World.The Turks had just taken over Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul..They also blocked the trade route making  spices unavailable..He had intended originally to find an alternative route bypassing  the  then Turkish blockcade.We that are from European background honor Columbus for opening up the “New World “for us.
 1.It  remains a great source of pride for Italian American’s  for thier contribution to  America with Parades & Street Festivals that take all place on Columbus day as well as for all American’s going back hundreds of  years .Yes all American’s would honor  Christopher Columbus on his day of birth.
2.Jews also honor Columbus as one of thier own.It is widely believed that his name in Spain was Christopher Colon..He is believed that he was a Marrano (Slang fort the new convero’s )  a name derived from  pork used to describe those who would litterly eat pork in the streets to sort of prove that they are no longer a follower of thier old Jewish faith.Columbus hailed from Geneva a city that at that time frame was well known for the settling  of Sephardic Jews escaping the Spanish Inquistion.Columbus is said to have spoken very good Castillion Spanish but  did not speak well Italian..the debate on this continues to this day.. However We will say this loud and clear..We want Columbus Day to Stay!       

If Covid 19 Hasn’t Yet Dissipated In Our Atmosphere Then Perhaps China Is Continuing To Pump More Out Daily…



Is the Government being totally transparent with us visa vie the Cornona Virus? Even the Nuclear Fallout when we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t last this long. They claim that its droplets from our breath..We demand to know the truth is China manufacturing this Corona in the lab? The line that it came from the wet market where someone ate a bat…HA!!!

We believe that the only reason that Covid 19 still among us is we believe perhaps that China continues to pump out so to speak out more covid as we speak and is wreaking having on the world.
Has it been reduced to a flu strength status?
Everyone who know that acquires it as if late seems to survive and in  a week is back to their old routine..Are these new variant strain real?Are we being held hostage to China and big Pharma?

Where Has All The Good Will Towards Jews And Israel Gone To?



   Where has all the good will that Jews and Israel enjoyed years ago vanished too?
I remember in 1969 nearly every country had a live play of Fiddler On The Roof shown in their theater district.Every performance was 100% sold out.It was enjoyed in many  different languages. It played not only Jewish audiences but was enjoyed equally by Christians as well.
I remember when Golda Meir was Israel’s Prime Minister  & arrived in town people of all  backgrounds waited in long lines all across America just to get glimpse of her..
Now this was well after the 1967 war .Years ago the most bigoted hard core Jew hating Politicians would stifle their hate speech while  in public. Today these the Jew haters  don’t care and spew their vile hatred .They wear their hatred like badge of honor.When did siding with terrorists rather than their victims become acceptable and in vogue?
Israel may be winning battles but is losing the public relations war.
In nearly every nation among The European Union the Arab & Muslim  immigrant population has now exceeded those people of their host country that took them in and gave them sanctuary.
In the U.S. we are now witnessing the rise of “Social Democrats”who are  pro Palestinian.We are also seeing many misguided self hating Jews clamoring for as they term it  End The Ocupation.Little do they realise that Hitler made absolutely no distinction between a very observant Jew or a secular one.. That difference didn’t matter one iota to the Nazi’s because knew that they both can be turned  equally into the same quality of lamp shade or bar of soap.
It”ll take years to rebuild that good will and press and respect that Jews and Israel once enjoyed world-wide.
‘new York is Yours!’ Says Mayor Lindsay in Welcome to Golda Meir …Image result for hand pointing picture
‘Fiddler on the roof’ in various languages +must see Japanese .Image result for hand pointing picture
Jews and Israel Being Thrown Under The Bus In … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Major Stars Join The Band Wagon of Anti Semitism – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
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Age Limits On All Supreme Court Justices Tenure Should Be Imposed


Age Limits On All Supreme Court Justices Tenure Should Be Imposed. Lets Take A Lesson From The Catholic Church where All Where All Bishops Are Retired Automatically At 75 and. For A Pope a Suggested 80..Everyone once they hit 70 years of age get a little forgetful or as we like to term it in a much more palatable way experiencing a “Senior Moment”  
A Jurist Sitting in the capacity as a Supreme Court Judge Must be sharp minded without any lapses in memory.
We don’t know about you but We often wonder do these Supreme Court Judges Always do their own work or are they eventually at some point just sort of a figure head with staffers in the background rendering all their rulings.  
However not knowing if that’s the case a mandatory step down and retirement age should be in place. The American public deserves for a lack if a better word a sitting cadaver on the Bench.
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