Facebook & You Tube Comments Must Be Screened

     Facebook & You Tube Comments Must Be Screened. when ever we read a news story,We never in our lives have We read such hatred, bigorty,Antisemitism & vulgarity in our entire lives, the venium spewed on facebook rivals no other publication that We have ever  read. At one time it was unfashionable or poltical correct or eembarcing to proclaim yourself  a bigot on paper or in any public forum even thou your views were to say the least were biased ,and thats putting it mildly, today people wear it like a bage of honor.
     We believe in the 1st amendment but this is only leads to incitement to further hate or even riot ..it has to be curtailed or curbed ,it can’t go on unabaited, it must be regualted /end

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A Moritorium On all Immigration To The U.S.A


   Lets have A Moritorium On all Immigration to the U.S.A. starting as of today….When past groups immigrated here such as The Jews, Irish And Italians we were becoming an industialized nation and America needed a force  .
    Right now we have record number unemployement we are a service nation and hardly nothing is manufactured here anymore ..What are these immigrants  Syrian Refugees in particular going to do for a living? You tell me? They will be slated for  $1,800 relocation fee  per person plus medicade, SSI,Food Stamps and will get free subsidized housing ( I  believe an apartment thou an not sure for how long). Whatever money is in the U.S. coffers should be spent on Veterans & Active Duty Serviceman first. If you look at the Arab -Muslim Immigrants entering and settling in Euroup they  clearly do want to assimilate into European culture and accept Western standards..It’ll be no different when they arrive onto American shores.
 There is no true way to vett them as you can not verify their info and background data. How many members of  ISIS will get through with this mass immigration?Do you know ? Does anybody? As  a Jew and an loyal Patriotic American Marine Corps Veteran I feel that most if not all are Anti Jewish And Anti ISREAL anyway. Just ask any one of them does Israel have the right to exsist & does Israel have the right to defend itself..Each and everyone asked will spit on the ground right away as their answer.
Lets face facts in a few years they will be  able to vote and a pro Isreal politician will become a thing if the past …If they don’t beat you with a suicide vest they will beat you at the ballet box.
Once again we do not need a labor force today and it should be incombundant upon the Arab and Islamic nations to take in their co relgionists  not the western nations ./end
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Is Humana Health Plan Insurance Pitchman Made to Resemble OLIVER North Deliberately?


When i first saw this info commercial , I could have sworn it was Oliver North as its pitchman.. I wonder if it was deliberatlly done ? While we are not acusing Humana or its commercial producer of anything not above board it does strike a rather convencing resembleance to Oliver North .For the record Oiver North did not make this  commercail and its not him ..and that all I have to say on about THIS commercial. *Oliver North look alike left next to humana  sign

I’m Tired Of Cooked News Interviews


I’m Tired Of Cooked News Interviews. By cooked I am refering to Pre Arranged Questions and Answers” Scripted” to make it appear that it is off the cuff or impromptu. I remember Matt Lauer interviewing Tom Hanks and Matt Lauer says what was your favorite roll and scene in one of your  staring movies to Hanks …Now this was a major star being interviewed on live T.V…  On the spot__unrehearsed and Hanks says his favorite roll and scene in a that he was  most fond in a particular film was. …   and low and behold Lauer has the clip ready and cued right to that spot .Bull sh-t , I see it on major news stories all the time ,they almost all the anchor reporters do it. While this may be alright with light fluff  human interest story as we just described but when it occurs on actual hard current news…  It’s paramount to manulating the story line and inventing the news rather than reporting on it.  My friends that’s not  what free press is supposed to be all about ..  When the major news media outlet engage in this diseption it makes them accually broadcasting “fake news” /end

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Throw Turkey out Of Nato

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     Throw Turkey out Of Nato, they shot down a Russian jet  and put all the nato nations in jeapordy ,and  in a position that we were not in a half a century. The Russian aircrft may have strayed into Turkish airspace for maybe 40 seconds at the most, it was exstremly irresonciple of Turkey to Shot them Down for a 40 second infraction.

 turkey -russia  When Turkey was a secular govenment  it was ruled with differently now that it has strayed to  theocracy leaning   goverment , it is  not that easy to deal with to put it mildly . We are not defending Russia, but I wouldn’t want to go to war over this fiasco a 40 second flyover.


Syrian Refugees Will Tip The Ballet Box Against Christains and Jews


 In a few years  all the hundred of thousand  Syrian Muslim Refugees Will Tip The ballet Box against Christains and Jews. Right now as we are poised to accept 200 thousand Syrian Refuges in a few years they will have voting block the likes that we never seen in U. S. Voting History. Evangelical Christans and Catholic and other mainline Protestant Voters will have no say in government matters as well as Jews. The once Mighty Jewish voting block now deminished by intermarriage  will have no say and U.S  Isreal relations & it can only get worse.  Refuges are slated to get  $1,800 relocation fee as well as S.S.I.,  food stamps  & Medicade! When Seniors on  Social Security can’t get a COLA RAISE ..how sad. Just how much money is in the U.S. treasurey coffers anyway ? Where  are the 22 Arab countries and why aren’t they offering to take in their co Relgionists ? Why Should they become the Western Nations RESPONSIBILITY? though about 99% of the incoming refugees may pass muster to with our exstreme vetting process. However we are concerned about the remaining 1% which can accually may tally in tens of thousands and can reck havoc on us.

  Veterans and active duty service members are up in arms and its hurting them  in the pocket book. We at The Lerman Report.Com say hold off on the refugess… not only are they a security risk but a finacial one too !

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NATO Alliance Being Tested

Flag NATO animated gif 240x180Italian soldiers with the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) near Kabul

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in 1949 by the United States, Canada, and several Western European nations to provide collective security against the Soviet Union. NATO was the first peacetime military alliance the United States entered into outside of the Western Hemisphere.

Article 5 – NatoLight Orchid

Article 5 of NATO agreement says if one nation is attaked…all NATO nations must come to its Defence. Will France invoke Artickle 5 ? If they do and the NATO NAtions doesn’t comply then will this be the end f NATO ? 

Formation of NATO and Warsaw Pact – Cold War – HISTORYLight Orchid

Formation of NATOLight Orchid

Nato faces critical test of credibility –Light Orchid

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Barry Goldwater: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no Vice



     Barry Goldwater: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice …Barry Goldwater Said that 50 years ago in the Presidentasil election and basicly was run out of town and that exspression lended its weight to him loosing the 1964 presidential election vs. Lydon Johnson . now 50 years later this exprssion rings true as we most proberly will loose some of our liberties do to the cuurent terrioism atack in Boston, Paris  ,Belgium  & Isreal,what can the civilized world do ?You will be checked over and over as a precaution for our own saftey.. no one wants it but its a must ..Goldwater, was right 50 years earlier.
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Goldwater’s famous line from the Republican Nation Convention in 1964. … Barry Goldwater: Extremism In The Defence of

Incumbant Party members should Endorse only their on party canidates ..

 coumo mngano

 Incumbant Party members should Endorse only their on party canidates .. If a democrat party member or for that  matter a republican party member endores the other part they should be thrown out of the party .Its as plain and simple as that.. In nassau county County executive Ed mangano cross endored his parties opponent ANDREW COUMO FOR GOVERNOR & not the republican running canidate  ”

 and thats not right or fair to the repubican canidate and for some reason unbeknown to us Governor Cuomo Did not Endorse the democratic canidates running for office in nassua county  or kept a low profile as the supporting them..not right to say the least .

Managano should have supported Republican Rob Astorino, the Westchester County Executive, and their should have been some public support for democratic runing canidates in yesterdays election  from The Governor Cuomo..enough said !

Mangano backs Cuomo for governor | NewsdayLight Orchid
Cuomo had a secret re-election ‘pact’ with Republicans …Light Orchid
Andrew Cuomo Screws Nassau County DemsLight Orchid



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FireHouse Elections Should Be Held Same Time as School Budget Elections and In Same Location !

* For  N.Y.Nassau & Suffolk Counties

   FireHouse Elections Should Be Held Same Time as School Budget Elections and In Same Location ! Hardly no one but volunter Fireman  And their families vote in fire dept.elections…. THe Fire departments get a lot of money from the localities and should be voted on in the same vain as the school budets at the same time and in the same voting booth  and not in the Fire Dept houses as its done today , its way to important to not have the general public take part in this vote..

   This is not a critic of our volunter Fire Depts..we feel they do a first rate job, but more concern and scrutiny should be in order on funds voted for and aloted to them….



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