Say No To new proposed Oil tax


       Rumour  has it that before president Obama leaves office he is going to imposes  a $10.00 abarrel oil tax..This will Ruin what ever gains in the economy we had in the with lower oil at the pump.Home heating oil will also go up in price as well as deisel fuel,and already truckers are outragged.

     Congress will most proberly do squat since there will be more money in then federal coffers for their pork barrel projects. Our economy will be stagnated once more and we will go back to a recesion immediatly when and if this occurs. We at the Lerman Report said a couple of years ago that big oil is the key to our ecconomic downfall and oil must return to $1.60 per gallon at thepump for a recovery ..well $ 1.95 was pretty darn close. Once again homeowners in cold climates will be forced to choose between heating their home and  feeding their families .

    Write or call your congressman and Sentors and tell them your dismay /end

Obama’s budget will not lead to $10 oil tax: KempLight Orchid

Zika Virus, a Shame a Tragedy,wish no one gets it,but will bring Abortion in a more favorable light


 Zika Virus, a Shame a Tragedy,wish no one gets it,but will bring Abortion in a more favorable light. This virus transmited by mosquito bites, can be one of the worst pandemics of this century .I wish it on no one , no one does but if  I may be so bold to say ,most pregnant woman pregnant with  a zika virus pregnancy will look at abortion as a major option .For  some right wing conservative Republican canidates to say that he is against abortion  for any reason is  nothing short of outrageous. The heart brake a despair on giving birth to someone with this defornmaty is heartbraekibng to say the least , on the parents and child is unbelievable, for those who wish to block any abortion in a case like this say let them mind thier own buisness./end

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      WHAT KIND OF ELECTION SYSTEM DO WE HAVE ? All state primary elections  should and must be held on the same have  a backward low populated state such a Iowa set the pACE FOR THE FRONT RUNNER IS ABURD  .JUST HOW POPUALTED IS IOWA ANYWAY ..THEY STARTED CAUCUSING AT 7PM AND AT 9 PM THEY WERE DONE . THE ELECTION IN THIS COUNTRY IS SUPPOSED TO BE BEHIND A CURTAIN ..PRIVATE TO SAY THE LEAST.then theres another low populated state new hampsure  with less people than in  the Town of hempstead in nassua county, ( there are 3 townships in nassau county .town of hempstead is just one ).All primeries have to and must be on the same day period. this make a mockery out of our electorial system..Many people question whether the elections are on the up and up ..above board . and whether they are racked with fraud, people are sayinng that in iowa’s democratic primary that the smell of fish is in the air, un other words somethingd fishy with the results ..thats an all together different  mAtter. iowa voter

Anti Semitism .. A Breif Meaning

   ‘Moses Mendlesohn       ”Welhem Marr”   ”Fredric Shlagel”


        Thou the Arabs are Semites , the term Anti Semite stricktly applies only to Jews..I will attempt to briefly explain why and then you will understand.

In the mid 1800’s there was a profesor of history,Fredric Shlagel , who wrote a series of papers on languages , Semitic  ,Hamemti,  kushateck. Ural Altec etc etc. he was  stricktly talking about language groups & language groups only but was misunderstod to be speaking instead about races instead. The qustion still appears in todays circles weather it was races or languages. I say it was languages,because he was married to the periods must celibrated Jewish Philosphers daughter ”Moses Mendelsohn”and it unlikly that he was refering to race..However the term  Semetic became noted to mean Jews .

Then at that same  time period  there was an actor  , an Ex jew a convert to Christianty ‘ Wilhelm Marr” who started an Anti Semitic club of Hamburg  a Jew hating club and the ”term Anti Semitic ”was first  coined , it strictkly meant Anti Jewish hating  and thats all ,like I said earlier thou Arabs are Semities the term in no way applied to like when an Italian said in past years that thay don’t hire anyone whose name ends in a vowel, Japanese amoung other groups names ends in vowel ,but that phrase strickty appied to Italians and  this phrase “Anti Semitic only applies for Jews and Jews only as the above history that I just presented explains. that is the meaning of ther term ANTI  SEMITISM and now you know!

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fat and dead…. Most obese man in the world, 978 lbs at his most, dies 2 months after surgery in Mexico

heaviest man latinoRelated imageImage result for Andres Moreno pictures

The Mexican Andres Moreno,   c onsidered the most obese man in the world, has died in Ciudad Obregon in the northwestern state of Sonora, just two months after undergoing an operation to lose weight.Image result for Andres Moreno pictures

He was 38.A message posted by a relative on Moreno’s Facebook page said: “Friends and family, I regret to inform you that Andres Moreno has died, I ask you to pray for him.”

As reported in local media, family members of the deceased said the Sonora native died from a heart attack and problems of peritonitis.Image result for Andres Moreno picturesImage result for Andres Moreno picturesImage result for Andres Moreno pictures

The Mexican, who reached 978 lbs. at his most obese, underwent last Oct. 28 a surgical procedure known as biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch in Guadalajara, Jalisco state, at Arboledas Hospital’s Gastric Bypass Center.

At the time of the operation, the Mexican weighed 711 lbs.On Nov. 25, Moreno had to have an emergency operation to remove a hernia affecting the intestine, Dr. Jose Castañeda told EFE at the time.Doctors removed almost 2 feet, 7 inches of Moreno’s intestine, because the hernia had “strangled” part of that organ, the doctor said.Almost a month after the initial operation that allowed him to take his first steps by himself after many years of depending on other people to move him around and take care of him, Moreno had lost close to 66 lbs. and said it had changed his life.

Isreal Must Rain In Jewish Terrorists As Well As Palestinan Ones

 Related image

israli teroist face hidden

     Isreal  Must Rain In Jewish Terrorists as well as Palestinian ones. They should show them not an once of concideration for Jewish terrorists  they are not above the law and a disrace to Isreal And Jews All over. They must crack down hard on them and bring them to  a swift justice visa vie the Isreali Courts, This has to be nipped in the bud and it has to be done now.Related image

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Police Dogs … What Happens To Them When They Retire ?

   Police Dogs … What Happens To THem When They Retire?  With out naming the specific police departments and shelters , I will say this . when a police dog performs in the line of duty , thery are promoted , but when they get to old to work , they are then surrendered   dog pounds, some are kill shelters, how sad just like the police horses when can no longer work for the police dept they  wind up in a central park type couch pulling a  cart or at a ridding accademy  and work untill the day that thery  die for the rest of thier lives..this I know for a fact from realable sources. end




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Woman Is Making Bread Using Yeast From Her Vagina


If you’re even remotely squeamish, you should just stop reading here. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. 

In a wave of curiosity, a woman has decided to take something positive out of her, probably quite uncomfortable, yeast infection. Namely, the yeast.

Instead of bemoaning her itchy vagina, Twitter user @stavvers has decided to attempt to bake bread with the surplus yeast she’s currently producing. She’s gone for sour dough – a type of bread which typically uses ‘wild yeast’.

(It probably doesn’t get much wilder than the stuff made inside a vagina.)




Here’s her recipe:

“1 small Greek coffee-sized cup of plain flour
1/2 small Greek coffee-sized cup of water
As much vaginal yeast as I could scrape off a dildo I put in my vagina–my estimate is that there was about as much of it as would lightly coat a single tine of a fork, and no more.”

At the moment, the bread looks like this:


This is apparently pretty much how it goes with sourdough. You have to spend a few days ‘feeding’ the yeast with flour and water – the fact that it’s bubbly indicates that it’s working – and then in a few days it’ll be ready to bake.)

As Stavvers has explained on her blog, she’s making this bread purely from her own curiosity, but some of her twitter followers have not handled her experiment very well: