If Attacked Will Israel Imploy The Use Of Carpet Bombing?

Lets face facts the Palestinian Army fighters are no longer the rag tail soldies from 1967 but a modern high tech roughly trained combatantants who will stop at nothing and show no mercy and will slaughtere Jews. each and every chance that they gets.The World will look the other way and applaud their victory. Theres only one way to neutralize any approaching army and thats SATURATED CARPET BOMBING also known as Carpet Bombing,If Israel demures and don’t then they will be slaughtered and the entire world will hail their victory

Israel will have enemy combatants coming from each and every direction.From Syria…Lebanon..Jordan Egypt from Gaza..West Bank as well as anywhere in Israel.Exspect some sort. Air suppport from Turkey and Jordan..Keep those thought on mind..Once any of these Armies are on Israeli soil possibly game over for Israel

International Herold

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