Demand To Know Just How Much Wasteful Pork Barrel Giveaway Is Included In The Debt Ceiling Bill

Pork in. Current Bill *Source CNN…

                A Work In Progress

The Debt ceiling bill or Biden McCarthy will be the most exspsnsive bill ever..It should on be a one page bill.What we American ls will see a thick bill the size of 3 telephone books full of “PORK”

There are 535 Congressman and 100 Senator that 635 members if both Houses dipping into the pork Barrel.This bill is vert little about debt ceiling ..Seems like just a vehicle for “Wasteful Pork”While there remains no effort spared when it came  to slashing social programs there was compunction to load it up with pork

A Work In Progress
.By Days End We Will Update On Exactly Just How Much Pork Is In This Bill..and Most Of It Is since the pact Covid Related Bill..Looks Like Democrats as well as Republicans. Will Gove Away The Store…

       Pork In Current Bill/ Shame On Our Legislators

     See Below


Below is Last Covid Releif Bill Pork

Take A look below..

Just how much of Republican pork will be in this Bill that certain Republicans are going along with..hmm?

From a previous post..

Where Is The Rent Forgiveness? Renters Who Rent For Both Residential And Business Still Must Shell Out The Monthly Rent Bill Business’s That Are Renting Office Space In Buildings They Must Continue To Pay Rent Yet They Can Not Have Their Workers Enter The Buildings .Beyond Shameful  And The Ultimate Slap In The Face For Those Who Want To Forfilled The American Dream As Well As Put Food On Their Table..


The last big pork ladeded bill(Covid Relief) Gave the Palestinian Authority will receive some of that stimulus money.$250 Million Why ?So that they can use it for their slay for pay policy? The Airline Industry maked out like Bandits Although they remained open and made a plenty they will still  get a Big Birthday present. However Industry’s such as Gyms and Restaurants that remained shut all during this pandemic Don’t everyone love Congress! 

*The Palestinian aid was pushed by Reps. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) and Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chris Coons (D-Del.).

When a bill this and every is passed exspect to see Big Cash For Grants From The Ridiculous To The Sublime .Such Crazy Cash Giveways Given For Study’s A Mundane As The Mating Habits Of Snail..Even When Studies For The Exact Same Thing..This Money Still Gets Given Towards These Grants Can Be As Much As,$250.000 Up To to Millions These Grants Are Small Potatoes  Compared To Much Large Cash Giveaways ..By The Way  They Are Grants And Don’t Have To Be Paid Back.This Is Why The Bill To So Long To  Get Passed Into Law.
However Mr &Mrs  John And Jane the American taxpayer gets hurt.

Looks Like Joe And Jane America Was Sold Out  By Our Legislators For Their  Special Pet Projects

Pork in last Bill…..

See Below


Trump Call ls On Congress To Amend Bill

See Below




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