Doctors No Longer Want To Perscribe Pain Killers


The Suffering Patient

 Todays Doctors are reluctant and down right refusing ro prescribe pain pills to their suffering patients.The abuse my many unscrupulous Doctors who handed out Scripts like candy has ruined it foreveryone..If they  don’t want to prescribe them then take them off the market.
There is absolutely nothing wrong for a Doctor  to  give a patient  in pain something to  lessen their suffering.We are sure that their hands are being tied by some government oversight agency. People tell us they beg their Doctor to give them a pain  a proscription if only for a 3 day supply…..or put then in the hospital as their in Patient…All this falls on Deaf Ears. We recently was told that when a suffering patient was asked do they drink..their responce was “no but I’m thinking of taking it up”.
Perhaps in order to pick up a pain prescriptions it should be picked up at their local Police Department precinct and not at your local Pharmacy.New guidlines must be drawn up to once again to allow Doctors to prescribe them to  their patients in pain.Why should every patient suffer because of a few irresponsible Doctors ?
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