Car Leasing Is Keeping America Afloat

    The American economy is 100% Dependant on Oil .Believe it or not Oil runs our economy.  When Gasoline prices rose nearly $5.00 a gallon it nearly crippled the economy.  All prices took a price hike…after all product from your grocer to your favorite haberdasher shelves don’t get there byosmosis but by truckin & trucks Gasoline or Diese Fuel .
Having said all this the Auto Industry is paramount in our society. Years Ago when a car cost  anywhere from $3,000 -12,000 you could save up for a car in a few years.. today its virtually impossible to do that..  Today a car may run you  as much as $30,000 and that basically for the entry-level vehicle not an Infinity ..Lexus or Caddy.   Every year car prices increace. By the time that you sock away money  to purchase a car it cost more & Your money buys less.  Leasing is the only way that he vast majority can not buy a new car.At one time if weren’t a  business they wouldn’t lease to you..not the situation tiday .For a mere down payment you can  lease a car for as little as $170.00 per month.
Having said that the average American no longer has  neither the  salary or bank account with over $30,000 minimum to take out and buy a car.. Without Leasing  the Oil sales disappear and our economy  takes a dive and business’ takes spiral plunge downward…


Lease vs Buy Explained – by
Pros and Cons of Car Leasing – Consumer Reports


Should You Lease or Buy a Car? | Edmunds

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