You Can’t Live on Your Laurels Forever…

Beau Hunks – Gangway Charlie
        Some food items sold today are not what brought them to the legendary fame of yesteryear. Lets start with Pizza…year’s ago you stopped by your local Pizza Parlour for a my time it cost only 15 cents..Today I had a slice although I ‘ll admit it had a topping & a small Fountain Soda the tariff… $6.50. Today you order a Pie with a topping it runs you close to $25.00..WhenI was growing up there wasn’t  a man who could left $25.00 worth  of Pizza .Plus they open up & commence to make a dozen pies with different toppings at 10am .by lunch time the slices are cold & dried out & have to be reheated ..not to tasty anymore.Plus all these franchise pizza places,sad to say that’s the future of Pizza  stores  down the line so get used to it..Between cost of product & rent the Mom and Pop Pizza stores will soon go to the wayside.
Second Chinese one time all you had been Cantonese..It was never authentic Ethic Chinese Cuisine but the concoction  of the  great Chinese  American chefs who operated a central culinary school .No matter what neighborhood in the N.Y.Metro area that you at every restaurants had  identical recipes ..Today with the Schezwan & Hunan It’s just not the same  not only that but every place has a dissimilar recipes and it couldn’t light a candle to the old  Cantonese  style of  years ago.
The list is extensive  but for a quick read on this site I will just mention the others briefly so here goes…. gyros…knishes.. Diners .I’ll say this if they  started introducing those  items today the with the mediocre taste & high today’s high costs like a thousand pound glider would  never get off the ground.
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