Any And All Immigration To The U.S. Right Into The Army

  Let Us   Do not pass go..Do not collect $200… The very moment you step upon our shore right Into in The Army you Go!   Any And All Immigration into The U.S.Must Serve a Hitch In the Army.  No and’s if’s or But’s about it . Right now at this Juncture in Time Uncle Sam is Spreading itself pretty thin at any many Hot Spots around The World.. As of today  Our Serviceman are basically going from one tour to another with very little time between tours. This is  running the Military Personnel Rigid. Lets face Reality You can not win War Without Boots  On The Ground. Our Enlistment numbers are lowest now than they have been since Pre WWI Times.
animated-update-image-0024  We’ll ask Every Immigrant  arriving to our shores..You like America?  Do You want to make America Your Permanent Home?   Then Hold up Your Hand and take the oath that ever Soldier..Sailor..Airman and Marine does all The time..Just passing a written test means Zilch. Suit up  For 6 Years.  Want a Green Card? Then  Serve a Hitch in Our Army. You want to enjoy our great way of life in The U.S.?  Then show your appreciation to Uncle Sam by giving back and  Serving in Any of Our  Branches in Armed Forces.  We’ll close up all the loop holes making certain that if you’re not in good shape or have some  sort of minor Physical handicap you’ll still be eligible to enter the  military, ..Keep in mind anyone can pick up a Broom or a Frying Pan. I also presume that there are many people out there that can Type or Sew. That’s good  because all these non-combatant military Jobs will free a Stronger more able-bodied Solider to advance to the front lines. This is the best solution concerning our current  immigration situation.

Bottom line if you live in America than do something productive. Change Your Jogging  Suit for a Khaki one..Click on Links Below….

What Is Active Duty in the Arm
how long is a tour of duty in the armr
how many tours of duty can a soldier do
how many tours of duty are required


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