The Dumbing Down Of American Taste Buds…

  If nearly all of the restaurants today opened up shop 45 years ago with their recipes and menu that they have today ..They would have been tar and feathered a run out-of-town immediately.  Each generation knows less and less about good home cooking and what a good restaurant supposed to be.


The Old  Pre WWI Era Grandmothers who came here from Europe having no education and knew nothing but cooking baking and knitting no longer exsits. Jewish people used  to refer to them as the Balabusta (The Perfect Housewife).  Each new generation knows less about cooking as they attend school and nothing of  culinary value is passed down to the next generation.


The restaurants are no different. We’ll give you a classic example of what goes on today..A former retail businessman(dry cleaner) goes to a real estate agent looking for another dry cleaner shop to buy.The agent says”How about an Italian  or Jewish restaurant? The man replies back to the real estate agent “Hey I  don”t know how to cook or I never neither tastes or cooked that particular Ethnic Cuisine”.The Agent relies back”You don’t have to know how to cook that style cooking ..The place currently has a good cook”…Yes he draws a big $alary ..Just watch what he does in the kitchen and in 6 months when you are familiar with the recipes then get rid of him & either hire a lower salaried chef or do the cooking yourself .Many take those real estate agents the joint & in just  months the place falls apart as he doesn’t know is ass from his elbow in the kitchen…


Bottom line if you don’t know how to cook or never had great familiarization in a particular Ethic Style….then you no business whatsoever owning a  restaurant.
I always see people dinning eating with the Vim and Vigor along with great Gusto. If they would leave their food on the plate uneaten maybe the owner would say “Hey maybe I need either new recipes or a new chief “….but when the customers clean their plates..they are not going to change.


The fast food eateries are worse not only is the menu way over priced but their ware is substandard.The days of great home cooking and fantastic restaurants have sailed way a long time ago. Sad to say the public doesn’t care one bit.
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