Your Dentist Sends Copies of your Xrays To An FBI Database

I know for a fact that the FBI has a Database on each and every sole of any given pair of shoes that are sold nationwide.
Every shoe sole has a distinctly different pattern from one another though we never really notice that ,That’s how the police knew back in the OJ Simpson trial that the shoe imprints were made from Bruno Magli shoes and that OJ Simpson owned a pair of that brand if shoes. So his pair of Bruno Magli’s were then compared to the FBI ‘s data base of shoes & found to be a match. I happen to know about the Shoe Sole Database for a fact because my father was a Skiver in a Shoe Factory & it was a well know fact among workers in the Shoe Industry .
However ever wonder if all Dentists do the same with our dental X-rays ? When ever a body is found in a Police investigation we all read that Their teeth were matched up with dental records. .Well if this is so then the only logical answer is that Dentists must be doing the same as the Shoe industry. Since there are literally tens of thousands of Dentists nationwide & that has to be the only logical answer as to how they can match up the deceased Teeth to an X-Ray /end


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