Fancy Box of Chocolates are Basically Just for Presentation

     Image result for picture of a teeth forrest gump box of chocolate pictureImage result for forrest gump chocolate pictures
Who ever bought one of those fancy box of chocolates knows this to be the truth..There are several  different gift style boxed chocloares on the market. Anyone whoever bought  a box knows that  most of the candies on the box are not worth the wasted calories to consume them. There are  about 5 major brands but  whatever brand  box that is opened you’ll  soon  agree that  there are only 3 chocolates  worthy  to  have per Box the rest is just junk.. We all have said it all along. You would be 100% better off buying a box of  of Turtles or  a Pecan  clusteres any day of the year, but they come in a non-fancy  style box not exactly what you would never think to present that to someone on a memorial occasion. Like we mentioned earlier Its all about presentation nothing more.  The chocolate company selling that fancy box chocolates fools you everytime.


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