I’ll Bet Didn’t You Didn’t Know That!

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Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby –

Did you know that back in the time of the American Revolution that they already had Electricity and Refrigeration.? Yes it a little known fact but true..They had Ice Houses for a good 40 years at that juncture in time .Though the refrigeration units of that time to make the ice for home ice boxes was enourmous but if you had ice houses you had to gave electricity. It wasn’t for a hundred years later in the late 1880’s that   the electric street lights were installed & electricity become installed in homes nation wide it was a monumental undertaking at that time.
Also Fingerprint Technology was developed around 1880,that means that they had computers back then too..How else  could they have matched up prints in any data base..I know that years ago when you received any gov’t check it always said  “donot bend fold  or. Spindle” doing so would ruin the computer reading, same goes for all those Iowa Tests we took back in the day using those number 2 pencils.
Al  Gore accually did invent the  Internet. Before  Gores advocating  so the internet-to be open to the general public it was used strictly by Government Intelligence  agencies including  the pentagon..I will go out on limb and venture to say that the government must have had cellphone usage years before it hit the market for you & me.
I rememberer The 1964 world’s Fair at each & every eatery  they had 2018  prices back in 1964 it was beyond expensive..however I was at he N.Y.State Pavilion next to the top of the fair & I purchased a full meal for 25 cents..when I started to consume if it was ice cold..I returned it to attendant she informed me  to use the ” Ultra  Violet” ovens..I was amazed it heated it up  in 2 minutes ..it was an early  microwave  oven. It didn’t hit the public   until 1970..though I heard that they actually were available to Mr. & Mrs. Public back in the 1950’s..same goes for  Video Tape Recorders although  they were much bigger & not yet available in VHS or Beta Cartridge” as we all remember but had a very large tape  cartridges. Lets not forget the rear projection T.V. it actually was available in 1958.
Same with T.V.Hitler watched the 1938 Olympics on T.V. back then..however it was untill 10 years later that it became a consumer item. I wonder what the Government is sitting on today

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