Dont Let Them Tell You Different Supermarkets Can Be Responcible for Shopping Cart Damage to Your Car Due To Neglect

Image result for shopping carts all over the place picture

Supermarkets and all other malls that have shopping carts will post a sign stating “not responsible for shopping cart damaged to your car…Not necessarily so. Did you  ever go to a hat & coat at a check at a restaurant or hotel that displayed a sign  saying not responsible for lost of damage  clothing checked..simple not was already  proven in court.
If a supermarket leaves their shopping  carts in an unsafe  fashion then they are then 100% responsible. Ever go to a supermarket  or  a Wal-Mart before  opening   and  all the carts all over the place..because the management either doesn’t want  to give to workers overtime at closing time or simply  just don’t care.
What we  at the Lerman  Report .Com suggest you do is document it..Take pictures with your cell phone and send it to corporate  Headquarters . .Once its documented guess what?… Then their liable it’s as simple as that . Also every locality has a stipulation that each parking lot marked stale must conform to certain widths you should document that too..
Why should we as customers have to put up with that situation and risk damage to our cars.What irks us is that the workers who round-up the shopping carts are not high-priced employees..their lucky if they earn $12 an hour.You mean to tell me that an  outfit such as Wal-Mart which is a  Multi Billion Dollar Concern can’t have just one cart handler stay for an extra 1/2 hour overtime in order to round-up the carts at a measly cost of $6.00


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