Don’t Be Suprised if Each & Every Elected Republican Will Line Up Behind Trump

     Listen up ..Whether you voted for Trump or not. We said this all during the campaign that  when push comes to shove every  Republican holding office will support him once he gets elected. We wouldn’t be one bit surprised if when they were in the voting booth that they pulled his lever. Believe us when We tell you  that all the bluster that everyone heard during the campaign was just politically correct posturing & nothing more.
The real name of the game is Jobs..Contracts & Grant Giveaways  not policy among  the Politicians. We would venture to say that it is 80% Politically Connected Plumb  Jobs & that will include those most sort after Lucrative Govt Contracts as well as  Big Money  going for Grant Studies  & Just a mere 20%  Actual Political Policy.
All Though we all worry and hope that’s not the case with all elected  Politicians. We’d like to believe  in our Heart of Hearts and that there are still real  some dedicated Loyal Patriotic Americans holding office today. Wake up and Face Reality. Do you really believe that any one holding Political Office  can be their your own man and  sort be a Rogue  Office Holder Casting his or her vote as they bloody well choses.
There’s not much future in that..No Political Party will ever endorse you again. The majority Whip tells you (pardon Our French)  But when to Shit and when to get off the Pot.. Unfortunately even an Independent Elected Member of the House or Senate has to caucus with one of the  major party’s
The Top Echelon Cabinet positions are Small Potatoes in the handing out government connected jobs .What where  talking about  is Tens of thousands of politically appointed jobs from  low to mid level positions & let us not forget those most sort after lucrative Govt Contracts and Federal Judgeships is why each & every sitting elected Republican will get in line with Trump.
Policy is basically not what they are concerned with. You can be rest assured that they will play the public like a fine violin with Hot Button Issues such as Abortion &  Middle East  and more..Make no mistake about it without all the” Pork Barrel Goodies” available plus all of rest of that good stuff available for the pickings all of those elected officials would find some other line of employment .
So put on your thinking caps on..Why do you think anyone in their right  spend Millions in a campaign for a job paying anywhere from $175,000 -$194,000 ?So when Trump asks every Republican to jump they will reply back How High?
Don’t delude yourself they know only to well where their bread is buttered.Yes in the final analysis they will all support the President and you can take that to the bank!


Take Congressional Funded Studies With A … – The Lerman Report

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