Tough Look of Today Much Different Than When I was Growing Up

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`1950″s Tough Guy

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Todays Tough Guy

     When I was growing up in the 1950-1960’s you just knew by looking at someone if he was a tough sort..There was no mistake about it. There was diffenitly  a Tough look..we all  spotted it right away. The cigarette dangling from the lips,hair slicked back, a pack of Luckies rolled up in the  shoulder of  their tee shirt. You knew not to start with that person.
Today I was watching Mixed martial arts on T.V. the fighters looked like milk toasts, Mild mannered “Clark Kent” Style  But make no mistake about it..they can kick your A-s .from here to next week and in a matter of minutes can do plenty damage, I witnessed these “milk toasts “give someone a colliflower ear in less than a minute.  Years ago nobody whould even have the  given a remote thought they were though guys.Times have changed.
Even among woman we all spotted as the old folks would say was a trampy look. Everyone knew what a cheap Nafka, Cordva, Bouton looked like. There was absolutly no mistaking when anyone was in the precence of a real whoa  (whore) .
Todays woman have a  sweet demure look about them hardy the trampy look of old even when they been around the block a million times.
All I can say don’t mouth off to a nerdy looking guy may be  your downfall.


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