Fun Unusual Fact!

If you light up a cigarette in a restaurant not only will they throw you out but proberly call the cops as well and you’ll either be carted away or receive a hefty fine or both and guess what?They will still stick you with the check for the meal…
However the shame of it is what you can sit there and fart and they can’t do a damm thing to you.Yes its true while smoking is outlawed Farting is 100% acceptable in your favorite eatery. I was recently in a Thai restaurant sitting in the back next to last booth when all of a sudden in the booth behind me let one rip..Needless to say it ruined my meal.
I would have preferred someone smoking a big white owl and there was nothing the waiter could do. Another injustice in the world is that if you spit on the subway platform you’ll get a $350 fine but if you puke there is no fine at all. Always carry a can of air freshener with you..It was at the end of the meal that  I discovered it was the waiter who was cutting the cheese. End Of story he got squat for a tip. He should have farted  in the men’s room to begin with.. Remember No Smoking  but Farting  is acceptable in any eatery./end 
WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

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