What Ever Happened to Ziti?

   Can anyone enlighten me as why the Italian Restaurants no longer serve Ziti?  In its place is now another shaped pasta known as Penne. As far as I’m concerned it’s just not the same.  Although the taste & nutrition value are basically alike it’s just not Ziti . A while back I took  issue with  the waiter his responce was its really no difference. I said then why don’t you serve shells in that case. Even in the Supermarkets you would be hard pressed to find a box of Ziti & if you do its a very small sized variety.
      At one time resturants &  take outs were serving  a “Veal  Patty “in place of  Veal Cutlet …My father who ate Veal nearly every day complained loudly at every Eatery that replaced  a Veal Cutlet with a Patty…A law was passed saying that a restaurant must tell you that in advance whenever anyone orders Veal Cutlet  (at least in N.Y.C.)
      Another food that resturants tried to slip by you was Turkey Roll  (a compressed product made with Gelatin ).I know a member of my family who went ballistic when she orderd a Hot Open Turkey Sandwich & was served Turkey Roll in its place… She yelled at the poor waiter as if he just cheated  her out of her life savings , Her yelling was reminiscent of the way N.Y. Yankee Manager Lou Penella used to yell at the Umpire..right in his face. Bottom line when someone orders Baked Ziti that’s exactly what should be served to them.



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