Kerry’s Middle East Speech Gives Isreal The Middle Finger

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     Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       John Kerry what a hiprocrite. For some bizarre reasoning the totalitarian dictatorship of Assad or The strict intolerant theoretical gov’ts of Iran and the rest of others 22 Arab nations doesnt phase Kerry one ioda . Isreal gave up Sinai ,Gaza and parts of the West Bank as a prelude for further peace . ..see any peace coming forth from the Palestinians ?  Remember  when Rockets were lobed into Isreal in 2014. .Rather than put any resources into infrastructure the Palestinian leadership prefers to  buy weapons & build  tunnels, the Palestinian  Authority are naming  soccer  stadiums & streets aftet terrorists thats kills Jews and for every Jew killed a free months salary  is given. This was completely missing  from Kerrys speech all that was said was only a strict repremand and lecture  to Isreal… Kerry please do not lecture Jews on values  ,does anyone in  their heart of hearts  believe that the  Palestinians  are  really interested in  peace ? Yes a piece of Haifa a peice of Jerusalem  peice of Tel aviv thats all .
  The terrorism continues unabated Hamas controls Gaza while The El Fatah terrorist faction  controls the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank,& Issis is settled firmly  in the Sinai Peninsula, In the end for all the brutal  acts  of terrorism perpetrated by the Palestinians it doesnt mean a Damm thing in World Court of Public Opinion.
 When terror struck in  France & Belgium the world stood shoulder to shoulder with them & rightly so but when terror  strikes in Isreal..Isreal is then  asked to capitulate and make concessions ..what a Double standard.
  A wink an nod of approval is given to the Palestinians..they can  do no  wrong . .The  hatred  taught in U.N.funded And run schools makes the  Nazi propaganda of  1930’s look tame. 1n 1967  “4” Invading Arab Armys of Eygpt , Jordan , Lebanon and Syria  attacked Isreal unprovoked and when the smoke cleared lost  ground.The Eastern  sector of Jerusalem was  liberated .
   The recent UNESCO vote concerning Judaisms Holiest site the Kotel or Western Wall remains to be the most disgraceful act ever perpetrated by the U.N. Lets put our cards on the table..the Truth  of the matter is  that the Palestinians will never accept  a Jewish State if it was only one inch wide..whos fooling who?
Isreal stay strong untill January 20th..
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