Sad To Say That When It Comes To The Electorate Former Military Service In The U.S.Has No Value.


Whether you were a fan of John Mc Cains politics or not that’s not the point of this post …..
We decided to write this story because we posted this story when various news outlets  that Senator John Mc Cain has been  diagnosed with Brain cancer.
I had  an Uncle who was an American Serviceman Prisoner of war in WWII and spent time in one of the infamous German Stalag’s .. It was no walk in the  park & nothing like the old T.V. Show Hogan”s Hero’s
John Mc Cain was a Navy Pilot who was shot  down in Vietnam…His arms were broken in the ejection fall from his aircraft ..His father John Mc Cain Sr. was a current serving Big Time U.S.Navy Admiral  and because of that fact The North Vietnamese were willing him release him and  return him  home to the U.S.
However John Mc Cain wanted no special treatment that wasn’t accorded any other POW and declined the offer and stayed on as a POW..His  arms were never tended to properly and it never healed right leaving  him limited  motion from that point on.   As a POW he lived in what became to be known as “The Hanoi Hilton” …his accommodations remain among the most deplorable conditions you ever saw ..POW “s were often crated like dogs.
Any Former military  Service is by no means any special  qualification to fill an elected  government office.  What I’m trying to convey is today it means  a barometer of how any candidate will perform once elected. So after 50 years of no military draft  being a Veteran when running for office no longer seems to have any value  at the Ballot box..and  We find that both pathetic and shameful./end
Don’t watch Reruns of Hogan’s Hero’s « The Lerman Report®


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