Israel Should Switch From Chief Rabbinate’s Office In Favor of A Board of Rabbi System

   The Sephardi Chief Rabbi (Yitzhak Yosef)     The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi (David Lau)

   Listen Israel  must scrape the current Chief Rabbinate’s Office in favor of a Board of Rabbi System. The current Chief Rabbinate s Authority is part and parcel to making it possible to rip apart the very fabric of Jewish life. No group of Jews is either the barometer of what’s acceptable or more entitled to more  or exclusive  privileges among other Jews.
No Stream of Judaism is the final word on Jewish practice today.”Having said that We will  automatically disqualify Messianic Judaism (Jews for Jesus) from any form of  acceptance in the Jewish community as We do not consider it any Stream of Judaism but a cleverly packaged way of converting Jews to Christianity
The Israeli  parliamentary system has to bear some brunt of the blame too.These small religious parties are bending the major parties over the desk to get everything on their wish list. They have the major parties by the short hairs..What got to be done is for both major Israeli  political parties to shun them as they do the Arab Israeli parties when forming a government.
Let me tell all in Israel the facts of life..Although the American Jewish Community doesn’t serve in the IDF and put their  life on the line..they perform a valuable service to Israel  non the less..Without the American Jewish voter casting their most  valuable vote for pro Israeli Candidates in  America..Does anyone in think for one second that Israel would get any foreign aid package from  Uncle Sam?
So do not Alienate any stream of  American Judaism at the Kotel (Western Wall)  or have place restrictions on them that Haredi Jews don’t have to adhere too.With the large influx of Muslim Immigration coming to American shores in a few years these people will vote and there may never be pro-Israel politician elected again..Like I once said if they don’t beat you with a suicide vest they will beat you at the ballot box..Bottom line  drop The Chief Rabbinate Office for a Rotation  system of the Board of Rabbis./end
Chasidim and Orthodox are Not The Barometer … – The Lerman Report/

Yitzhak Yosef – Wikipedia

Chief Rabbinate Offices in Israel/
Here is the Chief Rabbinate’s ‘blacklist’ of American rabbis | Jewish ./
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