Melania Trump Passed on Wearing Hijab…So What Get Over It.


Hosni Mubarak At Yitzak Rabins Funeral Wearing No Yamaka


First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton Wearing Hajib..Melania trump No Hajab

  Melania Trump Passes on wearing the Traditional Muslim head covering for Woman “The Hajab”a Babushka type  woman’s scarf on her recent trip to Saudi Arabia… You know What? We seem to recall at the Late Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral there were a few Arab heads of State and not one chose to put on a yamaka.  It is customary when a male enters either a Synagogue or a Jewish Cemetery to cover his head  it is a requirement whether they be Jewish or not..This a major Jewish rule. So Melania forgoes the traditional Muslim Woman’s head-dress.  You know What?  Respect is a two-way Street a Double Edged Sword …If you want respect then show some respect..Whats good for the Goose is good for the Ganda.You know what else? Had Rabins funeral been today..It whould have played out in the exact same manner.



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