Summer Oylmpic Slated For L.A. In 2024..We Don’t Need It..Have It Someplace Else..
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  So a deal was made for Los Angeles to host 2024 Summer Olympics Games..It’s a long way off between now and then for them to change their  mind.
It’s a Security Nightmare  its a Traffic Nightmare and the local  Brick and Motor shops will be loosing business left and right due to the massive tragic increase. Who’s  going to profit? The construction outfits who will win those  most  sort after lucrative  building  contracts that’s who…nobody else.  The California Hi -way  system is much to much conjested right now to handle  any more traffic. The citizens of Los Angeles cry out Find some other Place to hold your events. Its just not in The General public interest to hold the Games here so do us all a favor and find a different locality may I suggest Guam. We don’t need that honor….Hold it anywhere but not here..

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