Next War IDF’s General Staff Better Not Be Asleep At The Wheel.


Golda Meirs most famous saying  “If the Arabs would put down their weapons there would be no more war. If Ilthe Jews puts down their weapons there would be no more Israel”.
       There never has never been a more  accurate and truthful assessment of the Arab-Israeli Situation.  In The next war The Arabs will be  going to come after Israel  with every thing they got from Hezbollah to Hamas to Isis right up to Fatah they’re gonna  go to after Israel from every which way…Gaza,Sinai, West Bank,Syria,Lebanon and Jordan. Let no one underestimate their fighters ability or resolve as they have some tough Mother Fu-kers out there ..not exactly a rag tail Army of years past lacking  only Aircraft and Tanks.
As an Arm Chair Quarterbacks We will say don’t let history  repeat itself  as it was done in The Yom Kipper War by David “Dado” Elazar  Chief of Staff IDF  war and eventually forced to resign for basically being caught with his pants down so to speak as Invading Egyptians and Syrian Forces attempted to take Israel by surprise.  This time the General Staff must not be sleeping  behind the wheel. What other Arab Governments  if any will  be involved in the next war? Can anybody say  with any degree of certainty that they will remain noncombatant?
      We would bet our bottom dollar  that when the shit hits the fan there be will most likely highly saturated carpet bombing on the Israeli border by the Israeli Air Force the likes the the world has ever seen. When we Turkey’s Erdogon agitating and instigating Chaos and violence to erupt..remember He  won’t be anywhere near those hot spots always remaining above the fray just like the rest of all the Palestinian leadership all  far From the front lines..Like we said earlier there s no second chance for Israel..
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