Are All These Tests That Your Doctor Order Bogus?

Good Lovin the Rascals)

I know of many people that were sick with ailments which  forever remained a mystery and their sickness went undiagnosed and eventually they died. My  father was one of those such patients. His physician ran every test known to mankind..A complete Blood spectrum, An MRI,a Catscan, a Chest XRay, a Bronchostmy,a Colonoscopy you name it he had it.It was beyond inconclusive…It showed absolutely no abnormalities and in just 6  short weeks after loosing 65lbs he died. My dog suffered too, I always brought her in for 2 checkups a year which included a complete blood work up..she died prematurely from enlarged  organs…A specialty Vet that I took her to in order further to evaluate her condition and possibly save her life told me that her condition was preventable and her  treating Vet  most properly never looked at the blood work up because it would have showed her condition years ago.
Either all these Cat Scan and MRI machines are in need of recalibration,or operater error and  perhaps the test results are misinterpreted. However what may be criminal negligence if your Health Care providers  never laid eyed on these tests but merely putting them in their desk  unread..Same thing happens to a lot of people this is a very common occurrence..
It a shame we all pay through the nose for medical care in this country and this crap continues to go on unabated..Bottom line people are dying for nothing and it most likely could have been  private

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