Israel Must Quell Any Violence Stemming From The Temple Mount Area ..

You know what? You can not operate a nation or negotiate a contract if the implied threat is “If you don’t do it our way then we will riot or do mayhem”. What that is paramount to is that you have zero % input but 100% capitulationThere is not a single corporation, nation or a municipality on Earth that can ever let that happen..its beyond anarchy. Israel must set straight all these Agitators, Instigators,Rabble Rousers right now & the Hell with World Objections..Israel you can no longer tip toe on keeping the peace concerning violence stemming from Temple Mount Area. No policy or contingency plan should ever be determined on a threat whether real or implied.  Israel if you intend on keeping  a country  of your own you must maintain peace and order on your terms and your terms only. Like we mentioned  before that means you must exert 100% % Input and  0% Capitulation no ands ifs or buts…Keep this in mind  it’s your country.All this could and should have been Avoided Had After the 6 day War With An Absolute  Victory Over 5 Invading Arab Armies Had The Golda Meir Government Not Handed Over The Administration of Temple Mount over The Waqf.To late Now

International Herold

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