The Truth About “You Tubes” Going Viral…

First of all no You Tubes actually receive those large amount hits from viewers.. In Reality it just doesn’t happen.
Example: Did you ever Did you ever wonder how someone who videos a clip of their Dog doing what they feel is cute & show worthy gets massive amount of hits in a relatively short matter of time? ..How does the Okie from Muskogee find out about your dogs cute stunt in a matter of minutes after it get posted?  As the exspression is said today “It goes Viral ! If you believe  that  all those hits are legit then We got  a Bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you.
First of all even if viewers type certain keywords in exactly how would they know about your cute clip of your Dog? Answer: It can’t happen.. We spoke to a few Webmasters and they inform me that most of you tubes are merely a vehicle for new small independent producers to showcase their work ..a calling card so to speak. There is not one You Tube clip  that can ever achieve those high volume of hits ever unless the You Tube viewer saw or heard someone or  something which was the lead story on the 6 oclock news ..It can’t happen period.  Acording to reliable sourses what is employed is a “BOT”(Robot) that keeps starting and  racking up hits ..Then they say wow look we went VIRAL! .. .I say  Don’t Pee on My Back and he me Its raining, in other words “Don’t Bullshit a Bullshiter”
In a gambling casino the tip off when the house suspects a player is cheating is simply  by the very large amount of  table wins. They know  right  away that somethings not Kosher .The Cheaters just can’t walk away with a decent amount money they must make pigs out of themselves.  What these You Tubers are doing is merely pumping up their clip just like an unqualified Shmuck does to inflate his or  her own worth up on  resume in order to impress the interviewer at Human Resources  It’s phoney, it reaks of Bullshit  so please don’t fall for those falsely  inflated numbers..Truth is it can never happen..

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