Congress Must Ban Companies That Don’t Hire People To Answer Phones But Only Present A. Computerized Menu.



Must Act Quickly To Ban Companies That Don’t Hire People To answer phone calls but merely present a Computerized Menu
I like everybody else at one time or another had to experience this total disrespect to the Customer or patient dealing with an outfit today over the phone when a menu does not actually send you where you want either to..Relax your not the only one & your in good company.
Who hasn’t lost the voice yelling “Agent Agent Agent”.
Congress must step in and force every company to have a live employee on their phone line .
Let them slip it into the next bill package as pork.
Second as we discussed in a previous post what’s even worst is companies that have no contact number in order to contact them.

If Congress can bring the owner of Facebook on the carpet they surely can do this.Congress Must Quickly Ban Companies That Don’t Hire People But Only Present A Computerized Menu.

WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

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