Land For Peace in Isreal Heard That Song Before .. Don’t Pee On My Back And Tell Me Its Raining


I’ve Heard That Song Before

So the E.U. Nations and The U.N. want another land for peace deal? Who’s bullshiting who? Does anyone see any Peace coming from Gaza or the West bank ?  Isis is now built up in  the Sinai & the international peace keepers did squat when Issis set up shop there the Egyptian army basically is just a big police force and can’t or is not interested in doing anything about it.
Recently why only this week  those very Arab nations that feign wanting better relations with Israel all voted against  Israel concerning Judaism’s Holiest site the Western Wall or ”Kotel”
These anti-Jewish actions only make the Jewish resolve stronger to stand fast and hold on to their position.
Although you may find some shmucks who believe a peace treaty now is the way to go or even stupid enough to delude themselves as to have two Nations with a side by side existence is feasible.
Most Importantly the Palestinian Authority renegaded on 2 Peace Treaties.. First Peace Deal the handing over of  Sinai, and 2nd the handing over  of Gaza and part of Judea and Samaria (West, bank) as a prelude for Further peace.. Do they think that Israel can trust them for a 3rd time?  There’s an old expression “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”. When it comes to keeping their word .. The Arabs no longer have any Validity.. Truth of the  matter is that the Palestinians will never accept an Israel if it were only one inch wide and they then  would fight Tooth and Nail with every Once and Fiber and Strength to take over that one inch ….Who’s Fooling Who ?
However each and every  JEW residing in Israel or abroad are all offended by the U. N. resolution
It’s time for Jews to leave Europe and return to Israel. What We are really surprised is at  Russia voting for that resolution and India abstaining  after all the good will between the two  nations *Below just an example of  press transcripts on the  U.N. vote below
 UNESCO will vote on plan to declare Western Wall a Muslim …/Image result for hand pointing picture
Israel slams UNESCO vote on calling Western Wall Muslim …/Image result for hand pointing picture
Arab nations ask UN to designate Western Wall as Muslim …/Image result for hand pointing picture



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