Voter Fraud In 2020 Will Be The Death Knell Of American Democracy

Voter Fraud In 2020 Will Be The Death knell Of The American Democracy as we all know it.Say no to mail on or absentee ballots.That is a prescription for chaos. beyond of what we ever witnessed in all our years since the election of George Washington

We will say this up front If you can make your way to the beverage store to buy your weekly beer supply during this Epidemic or Make your weekly trek to the local Discount Mart but can’t get off your Big Fat Ass once in four years to a polling station to caste your vote then you don’t deserve to vote.

Let every voter get off their rear ends and make your way down to the polling area..period.Remember the Bush -Gore debacle with the hanging chads on Florida?Well we at the Lerman Report remember it all to well.Compound that by 50 states and U.S.Terrortories and you will witnesses the biggest nightmare in American history.Voting by mail should never been allowed.
First off The Post Office can not handle the overload of mail in ballots…Second crooked politicians of both parties can have dead people ,Dogs,Cats Parakeets casting ballots…
In addition to this madness California already doesn’t care if non citizens vote. FlorIda is now allowIng released Felons voting rights.It is said that in Texas illegals have been voting for Years and they amount to 25 % of the vote.Illegal aliens voting is paramount to the end of the  Once Great American Democracy.

You think Obama had an edge with the Acorn movement? It is nothing compared to what’ll occur in the  upcoming 2020 Presidential election.

If this will be the way the new radical liberal wing of the Democrat Party achieves office ..then say good-by to the American dream & Democracy as we know it.It will become a bastion of Jew haters White haters..Anti Christian crowd in office the likes that we never saw in this country before.

The Democrat Party used to be the Party of the working Man….now its the party of the Unworking Man.  Now the working stiffs taxes will go through the roof to pay for all the freebies that the illegal immigrants are  about to receive.

While the working taxpayer brings home a  smaller check every week … The non working illegals sit on their rear ends at home & watches shows like The Price is Right.

The non citizen whether they are illegals aliens or legal green card holders can not be allowed to vote..period! What is needed is strict voter ID an inked thumb print…..proper paper credentials..Background checks on all current voters as well.Whether there illegal or legal green card or vacationers with passports refusing to be repatriated to where they hailed from.Citizenship has a value and should respected.Voter fraud is paramount to open borders.


Polls should have been open for 30 days to accommodate any delays that social distancing may have done.

Voter Fraud:


•Double voting (ballot stuffing): One individual casts more than one ballot in the same electionImage result for hand pointing picture
  • Dead voters: The name of a deceased person remains on a state’s official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Felon voter fraud: The casting of a ballot by a convicted felon who is not eligible to vote as a result of being a felon.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Voter suppression: A variety of tactics aimed at lowering or suppressing the number of voters who might otherwise vote in a particular election.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Registration fraud: Filling out and submitting a voter registration card for a fictional person, or filling out a voter registration card with the name of a real person, but without that person’s consent, and forging his or her signature on the card.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • ..Voter impersonation: A person claims to be someone else when casting a vote.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • .Vote-buying: Agreements between voters and others to buy and sell votes, such as a candidate paying voters to vote for him or her.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Fraud by election officials: Manipulation of ballots by officials administering the election, such as tossing out ballots or casting ballots in voters’ names.Image result for hand pointing picture
  • Ballot harvesting: A person requests a mail ballot for someone else or steals a mail ballot, then uses that ballot and forges the intended recipient’s signature. Also refers to filling out a ballot for someone else who has requested assistance in filling out a ballot, rather than assisting them. In some states, ballot harvesting refers to the legal practice of third-party collection of multiple absentee ballots for submissin


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