ISIS In Sinia What Are U.S. & International Troops Deployed There Doing About It?… Nothing


 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign        What are U.S. &  International Troops in Sinai Peninsula doing about the ISIS buildup there?  Looks like nothing. The International Makeup  of Troops that are there as a Part of the Camp David peace accords. Isis  should never have been allowed to build up and station themselves Sinia, Since Sinai is now under Egyptian  control. Egypt also is helpless ,the Egyptian army basicaly is just a police force ..not really able to handle oust an army the of  caliber that ISIS maintains. Soldiers of the International Forces should never have let Issi  get a foothold there. It should have been halted and nipped in the bud a long time ago .The U.S. commander either has his hands tied or is no better than a new West point Gradute and should be replaced…read below
Multinational Force and Observers – Wikipedia, the free …
Task Force Sinai – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Concerns grow about safety of US troops in Sinai –
New ISIS threat prompts U.S. to send 75 more troops to …

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