A 2 State Solution Is Just A Stepping Stone to Destroy Israel

We heard a many Palestinians say that a 2 state solution is just a stepping stone to  destroy Israel.  To return to 1967 borders is sheer lunacy leaving a very vulnerable Israel.With all  of todays modern weaponry Israel would be destroyed in less than 1 day. Yes perhaps a 2 state solution is in order.Lets try having a 2 state solution in Germany or France first. Lets face facts Israel gave back the Sinai, Gaza and part of the West Bank as a prelude for Peace.See any Peace emanating from those places? Those places have become a hot bed of  Terrorism.

Israel by making Jerusalem their capital and the U.S saying that they are moving their Embassy there bothers the EU. Nations to no end.However all of the Terror that has been  perpetrated against Jews is  100% acceptable to the E.U.
Where is their outcry when Jews are murdered in their sleep from Assassin’s  that entered Israel through tunnels from Gaza or while they about  to sit down and enjoy a Sabbath Dinner or hearing of an attack directed at  Jewish kindergarten Children?Where? Where?You Tell us where..
Those Nations and World Leaders that are giving the Palestinian’s a bye for all their heinous murder should he totally ashamed of themselves .In essence they are saying the End Justifies The Means.
 We will say this loud and clear “Capitulation To Terror should Never Be An Option”
Israel is chided when to protect their citizens and maintaining law and order..The Arabs really don’t want a Jewish state if even it was only 1 inch wide.Golda Meir once said if the Arabs would put down their weapons today there would be no more war..but if the Jews would put down their weapons there would be no more Israel.

What everyone sevens to be forgetting is that Jordan formally known as Transjordan was a colonial project setup to placate the Saudi Tribe.

It was part of the British Mandate just like then British Palestine now renamed Israel.It was strictly intended and inforced by Britain for Arab residence only..Jews were not permitted to move within its lines.


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