New Peace With Arab Nations.. Deja Vu All Over Again?

New Peace With Arab Nations..Deja Vu All over again? First of all High tech Jets will be sold to the UAE making Israel loose its Qualitative Military Edge in Air Force Superiority.Now we get word that it’ll involve the sale of F-35 Jet Craft
This must never occur. Trump  the heavy price that Trump sad Israel must pay a heavy price for him to move the U.S.Embassy to Jerusalem and a have The U.S. accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Why was this hidden from the general Public untill now The heavy price is that Trump and his Son in law that are well.above the fray insist on a Palestinian state to be created with It’s own Army..
Will We will also be witnessing once again a third lopsided Peace Deal where settlers are once again will be forcibly ripped from their homes & have their settlements dismantled right in front if them as in the past two Palestinian violated deals.

                * Please play  one YOU Tube At A Time

All Israel will get is a cold peace at away more precious Jewish land for meaningless promises from group known to renege on their word once they are in stronger position.. If war breaks out who will  the Arab  signatories of this Abraham Accord  Peace Treaty stand with Israel or their Brother Arabs.Lets wait and see if push comes to shove on Lebanon with that shanda of an of shore Gas deal if Arab nations on to the Abraham acords will stay neutral or becone an enemy combatant against Israel.

At first We at the International Herold Editorial Board were ecstatic when we heard of an accord with EAE as well as other Arab Nations.  Now we remain both highly cautious & sceptic to say the least from all this uncharacteristic behavior coming from all these Arab Countries.
Let us remind everyone that there are no moderate Arab Nations.The Olympics taught us that Remember when opposing Olympic players from “Moderates Arab Nations” downright refused to shake an Israeli Olympic Players Hand?.

We can see it all now settlers pulled from their homes that the Israeli Government promised would never happen again. However after hearing Various Arab Leaders say that any deal will be incumbent on a Palestinian state..goodbye Jewish Homeland..
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