The Real Reason Why There Is So Much Cancer Today…


Ever wonder why there is so much cancer prevalent today among us?    It is not from any sources of questionable non potable drinking water or pesticides used by farmers or from Grandma growing her backyard tomatoes..Then what is causing it you may ask?   Is it cigarettes?  No it’s all those x-rays that we are all taking.  The Chest X-rays, MRI’s Catscan’s,  or Bone Density Tests and lets not forget those twice yearly Dental X-Rays you name it our Doctors are bombarding us with potentially dangerous radiation.
They are signing the orders for these radiation tests left and right and giving  them out as if they were candy.
Let us clue everyone in right now X-Ray or any other Means of radiology MRI etc are not a fool-proof 100% means diagnostic certainty. .
Interpretation remains more of an art then an exact science when  these tools of radiology are employed.With the sole exception perhaps of a simple broken arm it’s basically a crap shoot.
Years ago hardly anybody died from  cancer..Our lifespan was  only 65 years old..
  You turned grey  back got bent over..   You walked with a cane and maybe when your time was up someone found you on the floor arms and fists clenched in the air and your days were up.
 Someone put dimes on your eyes draped a sheet over you and  & you left this Earth in a peaceful way.
We are living longer but cancer has all get ridden with cancer..Oncology one of the lucrative of all medical  fields along  with its best friend the Radiologists.
Someone once said “nobody lives forever..everybody has to die sometimes and you have die from something..but  radaition poisoning and subsequent cancer doesn’t and needn’t have to occur.
Stay away from the Radiology Dept.and you can live to 110.

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